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Carbon, The most mysterious NFS and a wired sequels.

Content of the article: "Carbon, The most mysterious NFS and a wired sequels."

NFS Carbon is one my childhood game along with Underground and Most Wanted 05. But many years later I play Carbon so many time other any NFS. Because I like the tone,dark and creepy. Canyon duels keep my heart pounding. And the mechanics called crews which can keep the race exciting. So shame that it was too short. Even the beta was much larger and better than the final version.

The game was rushed and cut like hell because strict development cycle by EA. Such as roamable canyons, final races with Nikki after beating Darius or even the first ever bike introduced in NFS before Heat.

But one question which likely never get the answer I ask is…

Who decided Carbon to be a direct sequel for Most Wanted 05 ?

Because 95% of community cried for Most Wanted 2, we know that Criterion was able to do a sequel we wanted for back then but EA become retard enough to cut the concept and made that game the Burnout Paradise with cops. That game was fun like the original in my opinion, but it can brainwashed some fans to hate Criterion with knowing that they have an outstanding job with Hot Pursuit 2010. The game that pay heritage and the spirit of NFS before Underground era. What I try to say is…EA was a complete fault and Criterion was the victim.

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If they tried to a sequels,it would not make sense because we have Carbon. Carbon in my opinion is 50/50 sequel and standalone game. Sequel with that how the player got the M3 GTR after we fled the city with Darius's Supra and later became the notorious racer in Rockport (Don't confused with UG story because they are completely different and Rog's word was like an Easter Egg) and Cross who is bounty hunter hunt down the player after what we did to him. And a standalone game which starting a new path for street racing lifestyle such as forming a crews and dominate the territory. But it somehow wired because this game was suppose to be called Underground 3 (which later become shaped with 2015 reboot)

I would prefer that Carbon can be a standalone game without having the shadow of Most Wanted 05 but at that time, guessing that the popularity of MW can make Black Box's decision to please the fans by putting this to be direct sequel.

Sorry for bad English, and I am ready to brace that some fanboys would flammed me for saying that MW12 is fun as MW05. Those guys never know what opinion is…


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