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Game mode idea (car show, show off your cars!)

Content of the article: "Game mode idea (car show, show off your cars!)"

So I’m playing need for speed heat again,, and this is the best car customization I’ve experienced since NFS Carbon. That being said, there should be a way to incentivize people to be creative and a way to show off that creativity while earning in game $/XP.

So my idea is a game mode called car show, you would queue up for it from a matchmaker, it would fill up with 8 people or more, then it would spawn those 8 people in a general area around a general small location, like a small business park, parking garage, gas station, rest area, and there would be 20–30 parking spots all with different scenery for you car to park with. Like graffiti on walls, shrubbery, or statues, fountains, different decorations that may match your cars style. Multiple little locations spread around the free world map would already work.

You would park your car, then get out of it (we customize characters in this game anyway, just give them a simple walk/jog animation. And everyone can go around checking out cars and voting on which one is the best with ballot boxes in front of the cars. Everyone would get 5 votes but can’t vote on their own car.

There would be a five minute timer for people to walk around and see the cars, people can pick an EA TRACK to play out of their cars, maybe open doors, pop the hood, have their neon in patterns. There would be a report system for people who do troll things like racist cars or things like that.

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And the biggest thing that should be in it is voice proximity chat! So people can actually socialize about the cars!

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners would get prize money out of a buy in pool! So you could buy and customize cars and continue to make cars without ever having to race if you didn’t want to! (Yeah this might be exploitable but I mean the money glitch when the game first came out never got patched for a long time anyways)

Let me know what you guys think.


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