Need for Speed

How i feel about need for speed 2015

Need for speed 2015


This is not just some random hate I wanted this game the second it came my plder bro tricked me into not getting it last year i finally got it. I was so happy

This is to show that unlike nfs mw 2012 i had no hatred i was excited. I turned the game on and played it huge disappointment


The graphics are usually peoples highest point of the game, but for me the graphics are ruined by the scenery. being so jampacked and the buildings aren't recognizeable its more recognizable on highways.if we look at other games. that all the buildings are spread apart i feel its more enjoyable scenery when your driving in 2015. all the skyscrapers just start to look like lights.

(Graphics are amazing,but the scenery is only enjoyable in certain places only)

Environment: People always love to throw in people only hate nfs because its a night racer. Carbon and underground series were night anr better the environment felt alive. In 2015 tho the game is night and wet and feels empty. All need for speed games know how to feel alive 2015 really felt like you were in a back alley type of way.

(The environment feels dead the whole game)

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Customization : This i do love a lot getting new parts tp increase sruff i always loved to get a 1-60 in 1.18 seconds. Guess what it never went 1-60 in 1.18 seconds like my stats showed that pissed me off.However the customization has a slight annoyance whatever you paint your car will be way off when you leave the game as your car will always be darker because its dark 24/7

Amazing customization a slight annoyance on paint jobs

Online: I hated this game was online only mostly. Yes i kniw its it has offline but even still when i selected offline it would tell me no Internet and to be fair the online wasn't even that fun. However even though online wasn't that fun its the only thing that gives it some life until they leave and the game feels dead

Boring online multiplayer only thing that gives this game life

Music: The music was my least favorite in need for speed i didn't like it was all just beats that stayed the same and when it was real words ot would be so little words. The music is one of the first things i realized i disliked

(Music just sounded like beats with a few words)

Story: The story in this game is eh it was a really cringe story game. That was bro first all the time and the story was full of weird people

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(Ass story)

Cops: The worst of all time. I would spend 20-30 minutes looking and crashing into cops. Just to get one cop on me and the cops are so slow i have to turn back because the cops fell behind and im only going 35 mph . When i have to force the cops to stay on me that says alot. The cops are just way to dumb and slow .

(Cops take forever to get and real quick to lose )

Overall opinion: I wanted this game for 5 years finally got it last year and was so happy when i got it to my first time ever in a game my excitement was ruined by a dark empty felt dead game that has cops you have to foce yourself to stay with or they lose you.

Need for speed 2015 will always remain in my highest game i was excited for that sucked ass


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