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Lengthy idea for a possible NFS Heat story continuation.

Content of the article: "Lengthy idea for a possible NFS Heat story continuation."

Sorry if this is TL;DR material, but a few days back, I wrote up a concept for a story continuation of NFS Heat on a Discord server. I thought of bringing it here to see how it fares.

In the city of Midway, a racer connected to Palm City's street racing scene comes up there, having heard of a point-based tournament with 4 long stages, where the first-place winner can claim the podium prize of Rachel's 350Z if they have more than 5,000 points tallied. The tournament organizer had bought it from someone out on the West Coast, but they were scared to take it out on the road for two reasons: common sense and respect for it, and fear of possibly angering the original owner if it got the tiniest bit of damage. Thus, it was put up as the first-place prize for the tournament. The tournament begins with the first stage, 'Tip to Tip' – consisting of a lengthy sprint race from the northernmost city boundary to the southernmost boundary. This race is won, and progression is made to the second stage, 'Know Your City' – where this time it goes around Midway and through some of its districts. In the districts of Lake View and South City however, three racers wind up missing through mysterious circumstances. With the disappearances becoming known to the organizer and the rest of the racers, the tournament is called off until they can find what caused the sudden occurrences.

Initially, the newcomer from Palm City is blamed for the disappearances, in which 'grudge matches' are introduced – one-on-one races with whoever accuses the newcomer of causing the disappearances. As more are completed, some racers will begin believing that since the newcomer doesn't have anything to hide, they didn't cause the disappearances of the racers in the second stage, while some others think the newcomer is just putting on an act. From that point forward, those others attempt to guilt the newcomer into confessing.

The incident stirs the community of the tournament enough to have the organizer and a few others call a meeting in the middle of a back alley, in order to finally determine whether the newcomer caused the disappearances in 'Know Your City' or not. Racers who were beaten by the newcomer in the grudge matches are called forward, in which they present enough evidence to show that the newcomer didn't cause any of the three racers to vanish. Some people still believe the newcomer is to blame, but they are eventually convinced. The tournament is scheduled to continue once the three racers are found, with the racer tallied somewhere around 950 and 1,800 points.

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Unbeknownst to the racers, there is an undercover officer working for Midway Police hiding among them, knowing that the police wants the tournament to be stopped due to it being a disturbance to its residents. The undercover officer, having seen the blame game occur between the tournament's racers, plans to try and take everyone down by surprise in the final moments of the tournament's fourth stage, organizing a number of elite officers to band together at wherever the finish line is. They also place the newcomer in MPD databases as a target of interest.

Within a number of days or so, the whereabouts of the three missing racers are found by the tournament organizer and the newcomer. With the organizer bringing the newcomer along, they find that the racers' cars are being hauled off by a tow truck, with damage on the sides being apparent. The missing racers are found dead, likely dismembered, in a dumpster where the smell is becoming potent. The organizer vomits from the smell of decomposition, while the newcomer stares in horror at what had happened. The news is brought back to the communal hideout the tournament racers are using, where the organizer reveals that the missing racers are dead, and that he brought the newcomer with him to find their whereabouts. The undercover officer is quick to pin the grisly murders on the newcomer, saying that they've been hiding this from everyone since they first did it, noting how far ahead the newcomer was in the first and second stages. A few people believe the undercover officer, but most of them don't – the newcomer is then confronted by the undercover officer, who gives them loaded questions meant to automatically deem them guilty of the murders. The organizer, having taken the time to know the newcomer during the time spent looking for the missing racers, pulls the officer off of the newcomer, noting how nervous they've made both him and the newcomer.

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In the middle of the night, the newcomer drives to Lake Romandy, a resort town in the neighboring state north of Midway that is planned to be on the fourth stage's route. The undercover cop is revealed to have been following them there and confronts them, where they continue to pile guilt onto the newcomer, though the newcomer notices a roll of money in their pocket. Upon looking at it, they threaten the newcomer with death by pistol, should anyone – including the newcomer – know about what's happening. The newcomer is scared out of Lake Romandy by the officer, where they deduce something about the undercover cop. With the three missing racers being mourned, the tournament is continued with an automatic win given to the Palm City newcomer in the second stage, as the third and fourth stages are done in memoriam. The third stage, 'There and Back', goes from Midway to Beverly, the third largest city in the map – and back to Midway. With this race won by the newcomer, the fourth stage, 'Dual-State Circuit', revolves from Midway and Beverly to Lake Romandy and Meskwaki. On the way to Lake Romandy however, the undercover cop – in their tuned car – reveals themselves to be responsible for the three racers' deaths through their actions, when they try to kill the newcomer through vehicular homicide.

The newcomer duels the undercover cop in the tournament, going neck to neck through Lake Romandy and Meskwaki, where the undercover cop's status is revealed to the organizer and the rest of the racers, and is also revealed to be corrupt. With the truth now known, this enrages the undercover cop, who tries to ram the newcomer's car off the road and into Lake Potawatomi to try and cover their tracks, but to no avail. Midway police is encountered at the finish line in downtown, where in a poetic twist of fate, the officers there are different from what the corrupt cop expected, thus resulting in the latter's arrest from finding out about the three slayings and one attempted murder. The newcomer wins the tournament and the first-place prize, getting around 5,500 up to 10,000 points in total from the four stages.

The newcomer is free to travel between the Palm City and Midway areas from this point on.

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