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My tierlist that wanted to share

My NFS tierlist

So yeah, I'm 35 years old, been playing so much NFS since I was a kid with a Pentium 1 and 2 back in the days…so no surprise I consider the OG NFS's THE BEST titles. There's something more attached to graphics and blablabla….I guess has to do with the simplicity and how fun is the gameplay from all the OG games, the "diversity" and of course, the MUSIC: Saki Kaskas and Rom Di Prisco, 2 gentlemen who NEVER got any sort of recognition from EA in the modern games. That music created an UNIQUE ambience when watching your Lambo, Porsche or BMW….I really miss that feeling from NFS :/

Anyways, let's review some of my choices here:

The best: As I said before, OG NFS games are and will be the best thing still in the future, including NFS MW. Why? Because MW had the old school feeling combined with modern aspects. Not a fan of the entire OST as well compared to the OST you hear in the classics, but still made sense to mix both "world" or generations in 1 game. NFS HP2 was another excellent game, but I consider the PS2 version the "definitive" as it has more vibe to it compared to the PC version which is different enough.

Very good: NFS U2 made a thing that had me hyped up back in the day when I was a teenager: free roam. That was a good stuff back in the day and also more upgrade options fro NFSU1…but freeroam was a def feature of the game. I also included NFSII and Porsche because they were games that I felt were the bridge to pursuit mode (in NFS3) and more Porsche content in future games (with Porsche Unleashed) which was also good. NFS PU had the Autobahn and who didn't enjoy taking his Porsches there to test their top speed and also having a blast listening to the OST?NFS 2010 was a good game for me, mainly because I felt EA was going back to the Pursuit roots of NFS 3 and NFS 4, but the drift / burnout thing never had a big impact on me. Enjoyable, sure, but not THAT good.

NFS Pro Street was an attempt to change the course of the franchise (or open it up) for a more diverse public. It was a good game as well, but the driving physics were a pain to get used to them (I always said cars handled like boats)

Average: Well, these are the games that I didn't feel quite close, despite the pursuits in them or tuning options. I felt that the main complain I have is that they don't "transmit" a vibe like the old ones or the ones I picked to the VERY GOOD-THE BEST categories. They felt bland and kind rushed in some cases (Like NFS Heat that was a hard one for me because it's good but it feels rushed in terms of polishness). NFS 2015 has a great night ambience, but thats it…for me, it is just that, a good night ambience (and graphics as well).

Poor: Here we go. I know some people love NFS The Run to death, but for me, it felt more like a cinematic experience rather than an actual racing stuff. Don't get me wrong, there are SOME good parts in the game, but it falls flat in terms of ambience, and perhaps freedom to drive around. I was also about to throw Payback into the worst category, but I felt that game was so overhyped that felt flat on its face…doesn't trasnmit a vibe. Also, OST on Payback is just…ewww…no comments. NFS HP 2020 Remaster is a pitful excuse to be an introduction to new NFS players but it ended up being a "cash grab", but I stay with the original one (it feels more natural). NFS Shift 2 was for me a poor sequel compared to NFS Pro Street. I think it wanted to be too serious trying to compete with Forza and GT, but nah, those 2 are another thing.

The worst: Undercover. Personal experience with it was that I bought the game for PC believing that time BlackBox was going to correct all the mistaked they did, but it was all the way around and also built a top tier high end pc to play it. Graphics are so bland, game also is a bugfest without proper pc patches, and that bloom everywhere…ewww. OST is perhaps one the worst of all as well in the whole franchise along with maybe Heat and Payback. But for me, it was the extremely poor performance the game had on PC evern with a top tier computer from those years: I had one and the game simply was limping around 20-25fps or even way lower.

"No limits" is a cash grab for mobiles imho. I don't have a problem with that, but it feels the game is more focused on just pay to win instead of building something with your own (driving) experience.

Games I've never played yet: Gotta get a Wii but perhaps I may ust put those aside until I really want to play them.

Feel free to comment of course. I may have some games higher or lower of what you think, but we may discuss if you people want lol


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