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Needforspeed: Does nostalgia influence are choice?

There are many games you can ask this question to. Does nostalgia make you blindly like a game? There may be people who blindly love a game or maybe someone is jealous everyone loves a older game and want them to love the game they were born with.

Need for speed 2005 I was only 8-12 years old now 19. This was one of my top ten favorite childhood games. The blacklist, The pink slips, customizing the cars and I know people hate the long pursuits but I love them. The driving worked well from my memory. Everything about this game was amazing. The races,cars. The scenery etc it was a race game I simply thought would be unbeatable.

Nfs:1,2,3,4,ug,ug2,prostreet,undercover,shift,shift 2 are off this list as I played some and was to young to remember or other reasons.

Nfs the run: At the age of 13 maybe older or younger I finally tried a new need for speed. The run a game I really loved the gimmick of going across America it always satisfied me as well as the cutscenes it was a game I really loved. Was nowhere as good as mw05. However this may still count as nostalgia because I was "young and dumb"

Meed for speed rivals: Im now 15 years old and I got need for speed rivals I hated this game. too much hp, how am i supposed to crash cars going 200 mph on loopy roads and not gey crash cam. It was painfully bad as a kid. I had no concept on how it worked. 19 I tried again. I understood it more and did find more pros but it just simply did not appeal to me.

Need for speed mw2012: I was 17 here and I played this game. I thought it was moronic a goddanm porsche was next to me and to travel the streets earning nothing just getting everything free bothered me. You could get special racer cars just by them hitting you. The game had nothing at all I liked about it

Nfs 2015: This is a game that surprised me 5 years ago I wanted this for Christmas. My brother made me get other games. He claims he didn't force me. But we all know they will talk forever about a game they want or something. While slowly ignoring your games. So this is a game I waited 5 years for. Do you really fucking believe nostalgia would get in my way of liking this game? I tried it with full happiness. I was so freaking disappointed cheesey voice acting, weird driving, the graphics are always loved but the world feels so boring, the customization I can't put my finger on it but its bad. Hated the lame soundtrack was an awful game.

Need for speed carbon: I was 18 years old when I got a ps2 again. I loved loved this game and may be my most played need for speed. I love customizating it and the driving is probably my second favorite of all time and was my second favorite need for speed at the time.

I loved only 2 of the need for speeds after mw 2005 I was getting sick of this I literally went 2006 and enjoyed a game that was older this was just silly. Was I blind by nostalgia or was these games just not to my liking. So I got EA play.

Meed for speed heat and payback: Heat was a game that everyone says was the best this decade. I tried it and there is simply no flaw I can acknowledge that it simply did not find anything that grabbed my attention. No offense to miami I do not like that style. I just found this game souless. Payback the most hated this decade I tried and loved it the music and the action pact police and the offroad I may be the only one but I loved. People always point out the world was dull. I agree when I sit and look. But when Im playing the music going high-speed at long range I don't even remember to do the missions. Because I ignore everything as it has the best driving ever.

This was the end of finding a better nfs. I loved some hated some. I almost gave up until.

Nfs hp2 and 2010 remastered; 19 years old I tried back to back. My bro who also had nostalgia for mw 05 tried both. My lord was this game amazing. The cop chases, the traps, the busting people. The driving in 2010 is bad ngl 2002 was better. But overall the amount od excitement did not only make me admit these 2 where better then most wanted but made me say it was the top ten best games of all time I played.

This was the end of my journey. I found a game better then most wanted 05. I still remember all that I love about 05 is that just nostalgia? Is me liking a older game and another older game remastered nostalgia? Was I blind because I did not like the others or I loved Payback one everyone hated?

This is the truth. Nostalgia strengthens love for a game. However as we evolve we know what we like and likeless. I loved Sims as a kid. Now its just kinda eh. There are games like twisted metal black That go head to head with my top 3 favorite games. There are modern games that fight that position. Noone wants to hate other games. It may be more work but if a game is good enough the person will place it as number one and if an older game then the nostalgia game I was raised with was better and I loved and a 2010 (remastered) game are games I loved so much. There should be no excuse for the other games.


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