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What would NFS Tokyo Nights be in my mind?


• The cover would be 2 cars facing each other: the Player's car and the main villain's car. The name Tokyo Nights would be written in the cover also in Japanese (東京ナイト)


It would be 35% bigger than NFS Heat's one, with 4 main areas:

• THE MOUNTS – As the name suggests, an area full of mountains that is great for a weekend cruise and some drifting. It also would have a big mount inspired by the Mount Fuji.

• INDUSTRIAL AREA – It would be an… Industrial area (obviously) which would be inspired by the Kawasaki Industrial Area.

• COAST AREA – This one would be inspired by the Odaiba Beach, in Japan.

• THE CITY – This area would be heavily inspired by, you guessed it, Tokyo, which would be named Blossom City (花の街). It would have many references to Tokyo landmarks like the Imperial Palace, the Tokyo Tower, etc. It would have also a place called Hikari Street which has many sponsors and neon signs that is absolutely jaw-dropping (something like the Ginza District). It would also have a race track inspired from the Suzuka Circuit.


The game's currency would be Yen (¥).


It would have 150+ cars of which 49% would be Japanese or JDM. but it would have many muscle cars and european sports cars also (maybe some hypercars too). The car list could be sorted by categories: Decade, Country, Drivetrain, Horsepower, Type (Road cars, Sports cars, Muscle cars, Supercars, Hypercars, Race cars and JDM), and Engine type (I4, I5, I6, V6, V8, V10, V12, W12, W16, and most of the flat engines variations).


It would look like NFS 2015's one but with a second floor. Each floor would store 10 cars (but still with a deposit to add as much cars as you want).


When going to the customization mode, the car would go to a another room that looks like those painting rooms for painting the car. The customization itself would be like NFS Heat but with more widebody kits and some iconic kits from older games and movies. It would have also interior customization, which you can change the shifter, steering wheel, dash, seats, seatbelts, handbrake, central console and even change the steering wheel to the right! You can also put a rollcage and remove the backseats and the passanger seat too! The color customization and livery editor would be the same from Heat also.


It would be inspired from NFS Heat, with categories (Engine, Chassis, etc), and engine swaps, but with some new things:

• When going through the engine tuning, the car hood would open so you could see the turbos, engines, ECU's, etc.

• And, just like in UG2, you could do a DYNO TEST (when getting in level 30, you would unlock a private test circuit in your own garage) Plus an WIND TUNNEL RUN to test the aerodynamics.

• It would also have Drivetrain swaps like in FH4.

(Also, what if it had a feature that limitates the engines you can swap depending on the car with an warning saying “X engine is too big for this vehicle”?)


The biggest change would be the gameplay. Not only now the handling model would be the “grip” one, it would also feel like you are driving an actual car (By that i didn't mean an 100% simulator, i meant you could feel the weight). The PS5 Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback and stuff would enhance this experience. The handling model would contain some basic physics also. In other words, i could say, about 25% realistic.


It would be the same ones from previous games but with a new one that fans have been asking for years: The COCKPIT VIEW, Plus, a remade HELMET CAM heavily inspired from NFS SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, and the “Dash” cam from FH4 also.


The heat levels would be from 1 to 10. Here are the cars:



HONDA NSX 2017 (HEAT 6-7)

LEXUS LFA 2009 (HEAT 8-10)



The story would be mostly inspired from NFSMW:

The player comes to the city with his Nissan Skyline R34 Nismo Z-tune and challenges a racer called Akima Matsumoto to a race. Little did he know that Akima was the son of Hiroto Matsumoto, the most dangerous street racer to ever visit Blossom City. Akima pushed the player out of the race which made the player crash into a wall at nearly 300 km/h. luckily, he survived, but his R34 was totaled and stored by Akima, but he never fixed the car again.

6 months later, with the money Matsumoto got he bought a Porsche 959 and tuned it to be literally UNBEATABLE. Meanwhile, the player was recovering in a hospital and passing 4 months in prision. After getting out of jail, he finds out that Akima was not just a street racer, he was the leader of a street racing league called The Rising Sun Chasers, which in 50 years, never got one of their members caught by the police. He also was the Top 1 street racer on the Burakkurisuto (Blacklist in Japanese, which is a reference to NFSMW).

The player wants his car back at any costs, and the only way of doing it is by beating all the street racing leagues, building your reputation, grinding for better cars, and going up on the Burakkurisuto

Give me a suggestion in the comments if you want!


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