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So after playing all the games until the most recent title, I have decided on four titles that had the best pursuit systems of the series. Others have their moments and nuances/aesthetics, which I will go on to discuss.

Most Wanted: The first in the series to introduce the heat level and relevant vehicles. Loved the way the cops became more and more aggressive with each level, each level employing more tactics such as roadblocks, helicopters and rhinos. But the highlight of this pursuit system was the pursuit breakers, structures you could crash into to drop them onto pursuing units. The only issue I had was the fact that the cars were so hard to ram from the back in levels 3 onward and Cross's car does jack shit.

Most Wanted 2012: Were it not for Heat, Most Wanted would have taken the most definitive modern pursuit system. One of the smallest nuances which I've seen in this pursuit system is that the earlier units from the heat levels i.e. first heat level Crown Vics chase you alongside the Dodge Chargers. Also, love the way they swerve across the road, blocking your path, which even the SUVs do. Only thing is that this pursuit system is more Burnout based, in that the roads are not conducive for speeding, you always crash a huge number of times, the cars, police and racers, just crash if you just ram them from the back lightly. Otherwise, it's fun.

Rivals: Rivals takes brutal pursuits to a whole new level. This pursuit system has the cops going all out with everything they've got, and the only complaint is that with the cars they've got, they catch up most of the time, but if you actually start using turbo or go through shortcuts, they don't follow you. The helicopter here is my favorite, the way it sounds, and the weather effects as it blows the road contents on you due to its rotor winds. But otherwise this is also fun to play, were it not for the inability to pause.

Heat: Heat actually makes the pursuits look fun. The day cops are decent and they catch up well, but the night cops are a nightmare. You actually find yourself focusing more and looking out for the rhinos. Overall, it's a combination of 2012 and Payback.

Honorable mentions

Undercover: The pursuits were similar to Most Wanted and Carbon, but the busted cutscenes were the cream of the pursuits, and the police chatter was also insane, on the same level as Most Wanted. I particularly loved the free roam idle chatter.

Hot Pursuit: Hot Pursuit's weapon systems were the only thing of note if you look at it. Later titles adopted it Hot Pursuit's police chases better into their gameplay. Small detail I liked is the new interceptor unit engaging animation which is neat. Otherwise, for its gameplay, Hot Pursuit was good.

Payback: Payback's pursuits were all event related and nothing in free roam. However, things I love are the camera pan in slo mo to the pursuing unit which lights up, and the takedown camera. Also, I love the killswitches they use on the later units and the helicopter. Otherwise, Heat integrates Payback's pursuits better.

That being said, what if we combine all four of the above titles, add in the nuances and aesthetics from the honorable mentions?

My idea of a pursuit would be:

Name of the police unit: T.A.S.E.R – Tactical Advanced Speed Enforcement Response.

Four heat levels: Each level has a number of vehicles that engage with the racers in pursuit, and hang back to assist the next level units until advised to fall back. Each unit gets more aggressive and has more weapons to stop the player.

Level 1(Patrol): These units are low level, but are the first responders to any racing activity. They have no weapons, but use tactics to slow you down. This level lasts about five minutes.

Vehicles: Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Charger and Ford Shelby GT500

Tactics/Weapons: Rolling blocks, swerving blocks and ramming.

Level 2(Interceptors): These units are the first true racing responders, they come in when the heat level rises and the Patrol unit is unable to keep up. They have no weapons either, but they are fast and can keep up, as well as use roadblocks . This level lasts about 20 minutes.

Vehicles: Dodge SRT Viper, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and Ford Police Interceptor SUV(roadblocks)

Tactics/Weapons: Rolling blocks, swerving blocks, stationary roadblocks and ramming.

Level 3(Speed Enforcement): These units utilize large numbers to crowd the racers and have weapons they can use to bring down the racers. This lasts about 25 minutes.

Vehicles: Mercedes Benz SLR 722 Edition, Porsche 911 GT3RS, Nissan GT-R, Ford Police Interceptor SUV(pursuits) and Porsche Cayenne Turbo(spike strips and roadblocks)

Tactics/Weapons: Shock Ram, killswitches, stationary spike strips and roadblocks, ramming and swerving blocks.

Level 4(Special Response): The highest speed enforcement response, these units are the ultimate nightmare of any racer. These units are equipped with all weapons, use all tactics and are uncompromisingly brutal in their takedowns of racers. If this level is reached, racers will have to start looking to break line of sight, which will be very difficult.

Vehicles: Lexus LFA, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren P1, Ford Police Interceptor SUV(pursuits) and armored SUVs(for ramming and stationary roadblocks)

Image idea for armored SUVs:

Tactics/Weapons: Shock Ram, killswitches, rolling spike strips, stationary spike strips, helicopter spike strip and killswitch, roadblocks, ramming, rolling and swerving blocks.

In order to slow down or disable the pursuing units, the player will have pursuit breakers back, which they can either a) hit to collapse them onto pursuing units or b) trigger with small explosives to collapse. Additionally, players can also utilize the rolling pursuit breakers like trucks, making them drop their cargo on the road.

  1. Busted would have a slew of cutscenes similar to Undercover
  2. Radio chatter would be a mix of Most Wanted and Undercover.
  3. Racers can find refuge spots that completely block visual from any pursuing unit or aerial units until the heat dies down, evading the pursuit.

Opinions and anything to add?


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