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Quick rant to get it off my chest

Content of the article: "Quick rant to get it off my chest"

Warning: this is gonna be TL:DR so if your pure intention is just to comment TL:DR, please fuck off.

I've seen alot of talk about MW 2005 being best game and people wanting its remaster. I've also seen alot of fan renders, CGIS and teasers that actually left me wondering is love for MW 2005 too much crazy. Not only that, but I've seen people getting bashed for their opinions because they don't like MW 2005 that much or Underground series which has proven me how divided NFS community is and how crazy and toxic Most Wanted/Underground part of community is.

Me as person who played almost all NFS games excluding Shift which wasn't avaliable at the time in my country and Nitro because I never owned Wii console, I can say MW 2005 definitely isn't my favourite and I find it hard calling it best NFS game of all time.

Game's story was ok but later after you beat Big Lou, whole blacklist system starts to feel like you're grinding rather than completing milestones and doing races to challenge blacklist racers. Car list was decent and I can give it to that but customization was very limited AI was utter bullshit rubberbanding very hard whole race. It had decent amount of race modes and they were fun instead of drag races being super frustrating because of game controlling your car's handling and drag tracks being curved making it impossible at some points to dodge incoming traffic. Police chases as known are only part of the game I trully enjoyed but police chases turned sometimes from fun to frustrating when cops started infinitelly spawning when entering cooldown mode. Game had great soundtrack also and unique menu design. Challenge series wasn't really that fun for me because most races feel super repetitive and they weren't organized in great order but just thrown like meat on cabbage not allowing you first to complete all tollbooth races then doing pursuit milestones.


From all of my points I can gather about this game, I give it solid 6.4/10 for being solid racing game but having other disfunctions and problems that were not in my style.

I know many people are gonna get triggered but I had much more fun with Carbon being actual SEQUEL to MW 2005, having much better story, cars, better map and more. Carbon for me earns the title for best NFS game of all time and it is underrated and too underestimated at some points by NFS community.

One more thing is that MW 2005 remaster is just impossible because game files and engine are too old to be used, licensing problems and much more. Remakes are only solution possible but if Criterion manages again to remake Most Wanted not being like 2012 one but focusing much more on first title, fans would again complain and whine about them not liking remake because of their superiority complex.

This is not proven fact rather my opinion on this whole toxic nostalgia and crazy love for one specific game that wasn't that great for me as there are many more games better than it. You can hate me and bash on my opinion as much as you want but keep in mind that you won't change it and that it's still gonna remain same.

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