Need for Speed

Some updates to the Subreddit and its well-being.

Greetings all. With the next Need for Speed title around the corner, we anticipate traffic to increase so now is an excellent time to go over the rules, adjust them, and to keep you guys in the know.



The Need for Speed Discord Server:

For those who may not be aware we have our very own Discord Server, which is home to one of the world’s largest NFS fan communities, has an active population of members having discussions and posting pics, and is also visited from time to time by Ghost themselves.


If you haven’t joined yet, we highly recommend you do so to stay up to date on all the latest NFS content, news, leaks, rumours, and more!




Downvotes will no longer be restricted on Desktop. This was originally done a few years back to reduce the tendency to downvote posts people didn't like.


We must emphasize that the downvote button is not a dislike button. If you dislike something, don't vote. Downvotes should be used only if the content is spam or off-topic.


Additionally, If you see things you don't think should be there, downvote and report. We are always checking the Mod Queue so within a few hours any reported post should be dealt with. You can additionally bring it to our attention in the #reddit-talk channel of our Discord linked above.




Over the past year, we have noticed an increase in pictures being shared here—more than ever before. While it's great that you want to share your in-game images, and it makes a great distractor while we await new information regarding NFS 2019, it's time to slow it down a touch, so this place isn't completely buried.


We want to focus more on information/discussion pieces as details for the next game are imminent.


So to clarify, photos are not banned from this subreddit. Instead, we will be more strict in regards to pictures with short, unrelated, non-descriptive captions/titles (as our thread from a few months back talked about). Here are a few tips moving forward:

Please title your pictures. "Samurai at Sunset" may sound like a cool title, but it tells us nothing. "Samurai at Sunset // My BMW M5 in NFS Payback" or "What do you think of my wrap? BMW M5" will suffice; otherwise, it will be considered a vague/misleading title.

If you have multiple photos or it is one where it's a WIP, and you keep touching it up, please keep it in the same thread. New thread posts that say "how is it now?" will be removed.

Each user is allowed one photo post every 20 hours. While this will be difficult to keep track of, if it's noticed, the older one will be removed. Same goes for those spamming multiple pictures within hours. The oldest photos will be removed.

Showcases of designs through YouTube is still considered Self Promotion and will continue to be removed.

Pictures of a TV/Computer screen will be removed. All platforms have ways to screenshot; if you need to figure it out, it may be easier to check on YouTube for visual presentations of it.


If you enjoy sharing your photos, there are two dedicated places to share your photos:

You can either go to r/NFSrides where there's really no restrictions to how many posts, or what you title them. It has been a little quiet since photo sharing has grown here, but the hope is that we can migrate this back over to that sub to make more room for text and discussion posts here.

You can visit us on our Discord server – We have a dedicated channel called #snapshots for you to post your in-game photos.



Which game should I get??

Please stop with these. We receive them everyday and with there being no updates to any games in the last few months, there’s no point asking again when you can use the search bar. Maybe someone can make a megathread – or I can – about the latest 3 Ghost releases, breakdown key points to help guide people to what game they would prefer.

Edit Here is the link to the megathread



Titling your posts

Please PLEASE don’t be vague with your titles for questions or discussions. “NFS UG Garage” tells us absolutely nothing and won’t help guide people into your thread who might know the question you’re asking – please put the question in the title. Most posts with less than 5 words are spam filtered so please be advised next time you make a post. This is done because too many vaguely titled posts were showing up with little to no effort. Your title should be something that briefly explains your thread and encourages people to open your thread. You are only restricting yourself by writing “Which one?” in your title.




We have added a flair titled "In-Game Photo" and "Concepts." Please flair your posts with this within 30 minutes of uploading. While we won't be removing posts that are not flaired, we will be posting reminders in posts we see un-flaired as we transition into this. Please also flair other posts, be it a Discussion, Bug, Question, etc. They are now colour coated to help pick them out.

We are working on ways to filter out specific flairs if people wanted to avoid one of them.


We have also changed up the look of the more “important” flairs. As you may have noticed, posts where Ben responds get a special Red Box flair. We have added 2 more of these flairs; Green Box will be for Mod created or approved posts that are more focused on the subreddit and Blue Box will be for important updates or information in regards to the games. This is to bring more attention to posts of significance and add to the better organization of things.




Recently, there’s been a notable increase in the number of polls (via strawpoll) posted on the subreddit. While we promote discussion and don’t plan on explicitly banning polls, we ask that they are created to add substance for a thread. To put it plainly:

If you simply create random polls and link them on r/needforspeed, these posts will be removed.

If you’re creating a discussion thread, and are including a poll as part of the content in the OP, then this will be deemed as acceptable.

In general, we’ll be reviewing future poll submissions on a case by case basis to reduce low-effort spam/clutter on this subreddit.



Low effort content (posts of your collection, game rankings, tierlists, personal reviews, etc):

In a similar vein to polls, low effort content including but not limited to the ones detailed above, may be removed in the sub going forward. While we appreciate the excitement some of you may have to share your personal beliefs regarding games in the series, it simply adds no real value to the subreddit as a whole, and is rarely able to create a fruitful discussion.


All content falling under this category, including memes, will be reviewed independently, and may still be allowed on the sub depending on the level of effort, quality, ability to provoke thoughtful discussion, etc.



If you’ve gotten through to the end of this PSA, we just wanted to give a huge thank you for taking the time to read through this important message and for being a part of our Reddit community. If you have any questions – I know this was a lot to take in and may be confusing – please feel free to ask.


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