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The Remaster of Hot Pursuit bashing and the cry for proper remaster

Content of the article: "The Remaster of Hot Pursuit bashing and the cry for proper remaster"

Hi guys! This is my first post reddit. It maybe long for you guys to read. But I appricaite anyone who read this. Sorry for bad English

I'm excited to get my hand on HP2010 remastered. I had the original on PC version which never included the DLC cars (such as Diablo or the 911) I really want to buy this game, but when I saw the comment on each trailer.

I really can't stand the cesspool and toxicity this game (and community) such as :

"Most Wanted 2005 or Underground 2 Remaster! Then we talk"

"Why don't you remake MW05?? Enchanced story and gameplay!?"

"For fuck sake! Just made Underground 3 and MW 2, not another Hot Pursuit!"

MW05 and UG are NFS gems (and also Hot Pursuit 2) Yeah. Those were the game we grew up with and had memories with it. Those game made by the most sucessful NFS developers called EA Black Box.

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But the thing is…if you guys really really want the remaster of those game. Can I ask you the questions about the game which you guys all just bashed and led to the downfall of Black Box??

It called ProStreet,Undercover and The Run

Back when they were alive and released these, what did you guys do?

Oh! It wasn't another MW and UG! We are fucking upset! Black Box! The fuck is this Black Box? A complete mess you led us to play? MW wannabe! Oh! Michael Bay met NFS. Fuck that game. We want UG3!

If Black Box still alive, they should have remaster the game we all want couple of years ago. (2004-2014) (2005-2015) And this HP remaster wait for 10 years (2010-2020)

If we love to see those game remastered like Hot Pursuit, we should ask ourselves that :

Are we the cause that why EA can't remastered the game we all want and Black Box don't exist anymore?

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It a little bit rant, I apologize if it trigged any of you guys fan. I or alot of other who want to buys the game (which overprice LoL) We have to appriciate ourselves that we are "Need For Speed" fans. Not "Most Wanted 05" or "Underground" fans.

Thank you for your time.


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