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13 Random Useless No Man’s Sky Fun Facts

  • You can change the color of your living ship's spewing vents. Having the spewing vents module in the storage sacs makes the lasers green. Having them in the organ chamber makes the lasers blue. It doesn't affect damage output or rate of fire, so it's just visual.

    • Some multitools can spawn with a rare Incinerator flamethrower. You can't craft it nor can you buy upgrades for it, but it's a very powerful weapon though it absolutely gobbles up ammo.
    • Moons can never have oceans.
    • There's a planet called the Space Nipple that collides with a second planet. I own the portal there ๐Ÿ˜‰
    • There's a system called Nasher in the 256th galaxy that you can neither warp from nor to. It's a "phantom star" near the core of galaxy 256, and it is impossible to use a portal to get to. The only way to Nasher is by being taxied there by a player who's already been there. There are actually theoretically quintillions of phantom stars; though few are documented.
    • Before portals were added to the game, it was much harder to travel intergalactic distances. But, people still tried. A journey called the Pilgrim Star Path gained notoriety; where players would navigate via a website to the Pilgrim Star, a system which became famous after a player walked around a planet on foot there.
    • If you have a ricochet module attached to your pulse spitter or boltcaster, be careful on derelict freighters! Freighter defense turrets will ricochet your shots away.
    • If you are in possession of TetraCobalt, Carbon Crystals, or Cobalt Mirrors, keep them! They were removed in Origins, and all the recipes they crafted have been switched with new materials. They're souvenirs from the past ๐Ÿ˜‰
    • Speaking of souvenir from the past, the original 1.0 starter ship secretly got a makeover during one of the starship generation updates (NEXT, I believe). If you are still in posession of an antique Rasamama S36, you'll find that it now has a gray/red color scheme (somewhat similar to the current starter ship), and is now named the Honmatan OQ5. It has the exact same generation seed – it's just the result of that seed that changed.
    • The Rocket Launcher has the longest range of any starship weapon, by a wide margin.
    • I haven't done so much testing yet, but I'm certain the Geology Cannon produces the most alpha damage of any damaging event in the game, period. I've seen it do over 10,000 damage to a sentinel quad; that's more than a starship rocket launcher or a minotaur cannon!
    • Your HP (the squares underneath your shield bar) does not regenerate. When you use a health station in a base, it only regenerates one square of HP per use. Check your HP regularly! Press H on your keyboard to bring up your HUD and see where you're at.
    • When you send frigates out on missions, send out a combat frigate with them to act as an escort. This reduces the chances of them tsking damage when raided by pirates.
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