No Man's Sky

A brief word from someone who has only just started playing the game today

Content of the article: "A brief word from someone who has only just started playing the game today"

Hey all! I am a little late to the party I know, but I just needed to share the revolutionary experience I've had with this game. It's on Game Pass for PC, and I figured I'd give it a shot because I had nothing better to do! To my knowledge, this was that space game with the controversial news around it from like 2016!

But man oh man, was that not even remotely the case.

The minute I launched it I noticed that "launch No Man's Sky VR" was an option. Now I have a headset but never really got immersed into anything more than a brief mini game in VR, so that headset was collecting dust underneath my desk.

So I decided "why not? Let's see how this game fares for VR."

What followed was the most immersive video game hours of my life.

Just starting off on a freezing planet with a busted ship in need of repair? I was already entranced with the environment, and the crafting and building mechanics. Repairing a ship was neat! And having to manage my energy and resources based off the planet around me made me feel like a spacefaring explorer

But then, the ship was finally repaired. So I hop into it, half expecting a cutscene of some sort to the next section, or maybe a map of worlds to select. But there I was in the cockpit, and it told me to pull the throttle and steer the ship.

That moment when I felt the haptics in my controller go off and my ship started to leave the ground were the most magical video game moments I've ever had in my entire life. I was IN that ship! And I was pilot!!

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The minute I left orbit of my planet, started boosting, and then it gave me the option for some kind of warp jump? And the minute that started, I was FLOORED. I have never experienced something that intense and exciting in a video game PERIOD. I felt like a little kid playing with space toys again. For that brief moment I WAS that explorer in that spaceship. And it was glorious.

I landed on the next planet in what appears to be the storyline, and had to pause for a moment to collect my grasp on physical reality again. This game is insanity. I love it immediately.

Thank you Hello Games for this experience, you have solified Virtual Reality as the future of entertainment in my eyes.


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