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Ideal compromise to the ship customization debate

Content of the article: "Ideal compromise to the ship customization debate"

I want to preface this by saying I'm very new to this community, but I've quickly grown attached to it. I done think any other game community has been able to convey this feeling of going on an interstellar road trip. You're all so friendly and cooperative, like the whole community is working together towards this shared aimless goal of exploration and discovery. It's beautiful.

However, there does seem to be some controversy around the idea of ship customization. Many – perhaps myself included – value the immersive experience of constantly being on the search for the perfect ride. Equally many – myself also included – are frustrated by the grind, and don't think that standing at a rest stop waiting for cool ships to show up isn't the best way to develop a sense of uniqueness and attachment.

And, I strongly agree with both sides. Maybe it would be cool to jump into creative mode and make your dream cruiser, but maybe that would also cheapen the dream cruiser someone else spent WEEKS looking for.

So, hear me out: As an optional alternative to selling an owned ship for scrap, you can dismantle it for research and receive a blueprint for a random part of that ship. Your ship can only be customized in your freighter, and setting this up can be its own journey. I think this makes everyone happy: the hunt for a perfect ship now has direction and purpose, yet doesn't lose its longevity. And those of you who found your perfect ship can now go on the hunt again to make minor changes as you see fit. And while you're doing that, creative mode players will still be given a shortcut to building their dream machine. Everyone wins, but more importantly, no one loses.

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Edit: To take it a step further, this could come alongside a small content pack which includes new ship parts (maybe some you can buy with quicksilver?) and QOL improvements like the ability to own more ships and the ability to swap a ship other than the one you currently have with you (an absolute necessity if you're flying your favorite ship and you see a part that would make it even better).

What do you guys think?


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