No Man's Sky

List of Feats to Be!

The following points are in game features that I believe should be added to No Man's Sky posthaste, and without delay! The goal here is to get upvotes so Hello Games is sure to see it, also to brainstorm new ideas. So far HG has managed to at least attain the quality level that was promised years ago, as well as refined "quality of life" features to make exploring and gathering resources less taxing on our low attention spans, and exceeded expectations spectacularly! But we still want more!

  1. Pilot the freighter, I want to drive this damned Bus.
  2. more specialized building features! Farming, Taming animals, and earning tons of Mohneh is great. We need something more complex though. Hardcore explorers have managed to do some amazing things using small bugs when building and wiring powerlines, however that gets old, quick.
  3. More interaction! We need more consequences! how is our exploring influencing the galaxy? We have star systems with high conflict levels, but there's hardly any conflict! NPC's need to interact with each other.
  4. Friggin Space Battles! Tying together points 1 & 3 we gotta see some epic large scale Space Warfare. Competing races and factions duking it out in MegaSized Capitol ships over market territory or resource hotspots! Give us some Anger HG!
  5. Customizing Ships. Expanding our storage and making our ships pretty is great, BUT, it means Nothing! The extent of our ability to customize our ships core abilities is to Upgrade one Gun or another, and Bulk up your Hyperdrive. That's boring. Pimp my Ride HG! (do the freighters too while you're at it)
  6. A cohesive way to organize and access storage units simultaneously. It's not so bad at the moment, in fact it's pretty good! But it can always get better!
  7. Windows in my Freighter! I wanna check out the view bro! I need some glass Walls up in here, I've seen Hospitals more flamboyant than the inside of a massive space town flying at light speed. That's a problem!
Read more:  A few thoughts about the current Base-building limits.

These are some of my concerns, some are Big, most are medium sized. Share your thoughts, and hopefully HG picks up on it!


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