No Man's Sky

Opening Explorations of No Man’s Sky

Greetings fellow Travelers,

I have just started my journey through no man's sky. The opening days have been tough since I woke up crash landed on a Frozen Planet and I barely survived multiple blizzards. When I finally got my ship working I followed it to the nearest planet which was a scorching wasteland. Thankfully I perservered and built a hyperdrive and journeyed to the next star system where I am currently about to sign off on the local space station.

I've encountered three alien races so far. The easiest to deal with are the Korvax who generally take pity on me which I say science words at them and give me technology. The Gek seem to be difficult to deal with and the first one I talked with sent a notice to his government that I am problematic, worsening our relations, after I told him Synthigek, it being one of the only words I knew. I have two little statues Gek statues that I can possibly give them to improve relations, but I am keeping them for the time being.

When I approached the Vykeen, I was worried at first, when the only word I had learned to speak with him was Death! Apparently, these warrior people are amused by my cries of Death. I have taken to screaming Death and Pathetic to them since I reached the second system, and they reward me with small items and give me thumbs up. My favorite was when me and a Vy'keen both screamed PATHETIC while pointing towards the stars. Thats right stars, you are PATHETIC!

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Well so long for now, its been a fun ride. Excited to see what more there is to come. Hopefully the next worlds will be less inhospitable in this star system will be less inhospitable. Or perhaps I will just skip this system and move on to the next one, since I have an extra canister of warp fuel I found in the wreckage of a starship, before I built my first one!


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