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Where does NMS go from here?

Content of the article: "Where does NMS go from here?"

Amazes me just how many people forget how integral narrative is to a sandbox game like NMS. Pretty much any sandbox game. The very concept and purpose of a sandbox game is to facilitate players in creating their own ideal narrative, thus providing almost infinite possible play styles in order to captivate and retain a huge player base of creative individuals.

The scope for creativity in NMS is what keeps players coming back to the game just to be in their chosen narrative and flourish. To this end, theres a common theme in what players want for future updates; a richer exploration experience, the ability to create our own ships, more customization options. Reasons to build a huge mining empire. Station blueprints; with mats that cant be bought, only mined. Ship part blueprints that when unlocked allow you to build ships, even freighters with the base build menu, a better flight model; manual landing and docking – docking and landing computers.

Honestly, Hello Games have done an exemplary job so far. I think that we'd just like to see more focus on the core experience before bits and bobs are added like the mech and derelict freighters.

Like they added industry, so lets run with that a bit more. Lets have an industrial plant blueprint that you can create from an existing base – add terraforming tech to make it easier, that without, you have to terrain manipulate before you can "stamp" your base blueprint down. They added scrapping – great, but it didnt solve the ship grind or unit surplus problem – actually it kind of created a nanite surplus problem. And when I say problem, I really mean more scope for even more narratives, which is great. Theres still a ton of potential, and I hope that the dev team continue listening to the community.

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Either way, I keep coming back to this universe 1000 hours later just because I love being in it and frankly theres still so much beauty to be found. To strengthen the narrative potentiality of the NMS universe would exponentially increase its awesomeness as a game, beyond all expectations – even those that got inexorably carried off on the runnaway hype train pre 2016.


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