8% winrate in comp – the lifetime struggle. What’s going wrong?

Content of the article: "8% winrate in comp – the lifetime struggle. What’s going wrong?"

Okay, so I wish I was kidding but I'm not. (Do be gentle though, OW is my first FPS game and I'm still developing my skills) I've tanked very, very hard in my tank placements and it's done nothing but go down since (to be fair, I haven't been playing comp exclusively but every time I do so, I do nothing but lose or tie, at best). I've been told by friends that comp seems to make me play exceptionally nervously to the point where I just kinda… fall apart. Even though I've put in the hard yards on my main, Zarya, in QP, it doesn't ever feel the same as when I play her in comp. I'm not even sure, at this point, if I can climb SP or settle at that 50% winrate. I've heard comments about picking up other tanks, or a shield tank, but I feel like that's not really tackling the problem head on. And I'm not really sure what to do about it… I can't tell if it's my lack of game sense, mechanical skills, etc. I think it's a mix of a lot of things but again, I've got no idea where to start improving on them. Like, should I be grinding out QP? Or play comp only? Play different tanks? Aimlab?

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*All of this feels sucky because I present myself as a tank main. I'm FadingLight#11995

**I also seem to have a recurring problem where animations tend to play twice, or I get little bits of lag here and there. Not a significant problem on Zarya, but I think it does affect my play a little…

***Edit: for all the people saying I've just been overplaced. My first ever comp season (the last one) I started at just over 1500 and fell to 1100 or so. Then I redid placements and fell to just over 1000 and going downhill. Currently sitting at 900… I genuinely want to improve and I want to know if it's just going to keep spiralling down or if I can stop basically freefalling into low bronze now. I don't want to think it's just a matter of "you've been overplaced and the estimation's wrong" and I'd rather be proactive than retroactive.

****For anyone who wants to pick apart my games: T90J7T, N8EY8D, TKDSMX. The first 2 were solo queued, the last one I queued in with 2 other friends who were the DPS players. I really appreciate your help if you do so!!

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