80% of the time, it’s the tanks fault

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on something I've noticed after probably 1500 hours maining the tank role and climbing to masters.

In the metal ranks, and even diamond and beyond I've found it's usually the tanks fault taking back a point or just advancing the objective in general can feel impossible sometimes. Of course this doesn't apply to every situation as overwatch is such a chaotic game. This isn't really the players fault themselves because no part of Overwatch itself inherently teaches you how to play the tank role, And how to properly take and hold space, so they just play them like fat dps. You have to learn for yourself by doing the wrong thing and learning from your mistakes to become better.

So fellow tank mains, next time you have gold damage and elims and feel like flaming your dps for not doing enough, think to yourself; could I be taking and holding more space? Could I be clearing high ground so my Mcree can setup for the next fight? Can I take a different off angle to move pressure off the frontline of my team? And I taking too much spam damage before the fight even starts forcing my healers to use their resources early? Am I engaging out of LoS of my healers? Am I diving to quickly so my tracer cant follow up fast enough? The list goes on, and most of these things cannot be taught, you have to learn them on your own from trial and error with the game. Your dps can't do shit if they enemy dps have a commandingly better positioning going into the fight. That's your job to change that. Don't just autopilot into the enemy with your shield up, think critically about how to approach every situation

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So next time you're having a rough game as a tank, before you switch off to Hog and type "dps diff" into the chat take a step back and look at the bigger picture to see what different things you could be doing to help better enable your team.


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