A Couple Tips / Advice For Draftbuff Drafting From My Experience

Hey All, I have been seeing the odd draftbuff "look at my team / "rate my team post on here and just from the looks of them, it seems like a PSA on the basics of how to draft a team are needed. I though I would make a quick (maybe long idk yet) post about some of the more helpful things to think about when drafting in league format or doing the weekly coin based team building. All of these tips most likely have exceptions but as a general rule of thumb they work. Sorry For formating im on mobile.

  • Do NOT draft main tanks or main supports

The way draftbuff works is that it gives points for elims, healing, and damage done. Due to the way that MS and MTs are played they simply don't garner as many points as a Flex Tank Or Flex support would. This combined with the fact that draftbuff doesn't force you to have a MT and MS means that even a Flex Tank like Bianca (who isint bad but isn't a Choi Or Void) will get you at least the same and usually more points then a Mano Or Smurf. Same goes for flex supports, someone like rapel (if he plays all maps) will almost certainly get more points then Moth or Jecse. There are a couple players that may break this rule, notably someone like FDGod or LJG with there aggro play style, or super in a hard rein meta. Lastly, I have no idea how ball will do as far as points go. My guess is that he will get more points then a normal Main tank but less then a normal Flex tank.

  • Drafting Order General Advice
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When you draft a team you want to draft your big point carries in the first couple rounds. In draftbuff this means Flex Supports. Because Flex Supports due all three point gaining things, and a lot of each, they almost always gain the most points per week.If you lucky enough to have a first 4 pick in the first round, you have a giga advantage in that you are getting Alarm, Viol2t, Or Shu / Izayaki garrented. After Drafting 2 (or even 3, depending on whose left) flex supports as your first picks you should then move to flex tanks. The cutoff of picking up one of the Best Flex tanks instead of a average or good Flex Support is a judgment call you have to make. After Flex tanks should come one really good DPS. Once again the Average/good flex tank instead of great DPS player is a judgment call, but as a rule of thumb have 1 (usually 2) Flex tanks and 2 flex supports before drafting any DPS players. DPS is the most wishy washy role to draft. The distinction of if Hitscan Or Flex Players get more points is not an exact science and usually differs from game to game. Some DPS heros that usually farm points would be tracer, ashe, echo, and sometimes widow. Last year players like striker, ans, KSP, and shax all occasionally got ~120+ points which is ridiculous. But usually they sat around 60-90 which is average. After you have 2 really good flex supports, one or 2 really good flex tanks, and 1 real good DPS player, you then want to shore up weaknesses. If you haven't gotten a 2nd Off tank then that should certainly be your 6th or 7th pick but after that the draft is essentially free reign. Your 2nd dps player usually isn't as important as a 3rd flex support and sometimes not as important as a 3rd Off tank. There are so many good DPS players in the league and getting 2-3 good ones is a non problem. Make sure you don't have too many players from one team because of bye weeks but other then that picks 10-12 are kind of punts for a diamond in the rough. Your essentially looking for players that might not be good but might be great. An example or 2 off the top of my head would be coldest or maybe teru.

  • Don't Just Draft Players Because There Good
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My last tip is to think about the team dynamic when you are drafting players. Players like glister, striker, diem, twilight, GodsB, and Sparkle might be attractive options because of there skill and pop off potential, but you have to think about guarantees. If you draft someone like Void Or Hanbin, you know he is playing every game and will always be getting you some amount Of Points. Compare this to the players above who, while they are amazing, have backups that might replace them come a different meta. This makes the drafting dynamic between a player like striker and a player like Onigod very weird. Striker is a better player then Onigod, but what good is a player that doesn't earn any points, compared to a worse player that nearly always plays? For this reason I would leave all the dps players on shock, the entirety of spark and various other really good players until later rounds when you have at least an entire team of always playing players. Players like glister are best left for later rounds as filling, so that when that hard widow meta comes (as it always does) you have a monster on you bench ready to carry. This rule has the most exceptions and a lot of it comes down to if you think the player will play, trust your own judgment on if they are gonna play a lot or a little.

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For anyone that got this far thanks for reading my rant fueled by bad drafted teams. I only hope to help someone dominate there league of plebians. Ill try an answer any questions you have, but I'm only an OW nerd so I only have most of the answers answers. Thanks once again for reading.


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