A guide to playing the new Reaper (+Tip vs the new hero matchups)

Greetings ya all.

So, a while back when Sigma had his barrier's health reduced, I made a guide on how to play the new Sig. Now that another main of mine (Reaper) was reworked, I thought I'd do something similar.

This is gonna be a quick guide on approaching the new Reaper as well as going over the matchup differences.

So let's start:

The Change:

Reaper's damage was reduced per pellet from 7 to 5.5. Reducing his damage on bodyshots to 110 from 140 (if all pellets connect) and headshots to 220 from 280. Additionally, his spread was reduced from 8 to 6. Which is significant.

This isn't a buff or a nerf, it's a straight-up rework to his damage, role, and effective range.

Reaper's new effective range is around 7-9 meters.

Role change: Tank buster -> Dueler

Reaper's job is no longer just to duel tanks. I mean, to be frank, that wasn't his only job to begin with, but it was where he was most efficient. Now he's less efficient in that (due to the change and multiple tank buffs) but more efficient in direct DPS duels. Now that he can stay outside of most DPS effective range and be in a safe distance to see shots incoming and be able to dodge them, he's really valuable as a dueler now.

Flanking as reaper is a bit more viable now since you can still one-shot healers, but instead of having to bail out like before, you actually have a chance to fight the DPS characters off your back.

The general way that it works for me is trying to keep the duel going as long as possible, baiting abilities with wraith, fighting near health packs, and chasing enemies with Shadow Step. If you can keep the duel going for a bit you'll win since your life steal alongside your burst damage will put you on top every time.

Reaper IMO is best played as an aggressive main damage source with your team, where you're constantly moving with your tanks, dealing damage to the frontline. And going for key flank picks when things calm down (as in, first point capped or a team fight is about to begin). It's worth mentioning that Reaper is still decent at burning shields, with 220 DPS you can burn Orisa barriers and Sigma shields like no tomorrow, this is why he works really well with BRAWL comps.

Aiming with Reaper didn't change much tho, you'll need to be more precise sure, but you'll still need to aim for the neck if the enemy is aware of your presence. If you're sneaking up on a 250 HP target, remember to melee after a point-blank headshot shot for a quick 250 damage burst.

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Best team comps for Reaper

Frankly, that didn't change much. Reaper comps have been brawl (Rein Zarya) for the longest time and it stays that way.

Tanks: Rein Zarya (as previously mentioned) but he can also do well in Dive (Wreckingball/Winston D VA) since he can follow tanks with Shadow step. I wouldn't recommend him in bunker since he needs to be close to be effective even if his effective range has been buffed.

DPS: While he's better at mid-range, he's nowhere near strong enough in longer ranges. I recommend pairing him up with backup snipers, Echo or Mei if you're going for a full Brawl comp where the Rein will protect you from long range engagements.

Support: Due to his self heal and burst damage nature, any hero that can help you deal that damage faster or give you a constant regan is good. Making Zen and Mercy good choices. Moira is great too since she's the best for Brawl really. And a good Ana can toss her nade at you and your enemy which pretty much wins you the duel.

Important tips

– You can cancel reload by melee as soon as Reaper lets go of his guns. It doesn't speed it up, but it does allow you to deal damage in between reloading. It's basically the same time to reload too so it's literally free damage. You can also shadowstep after he lets go of the guns to do it slightly faster.

– Don't. Go. In. Without. Wraith form. Stop doing it, even if you're gonna stand there in the corner for the whole 8 seconds, don't ever go into a duel without wraith available.

– Shadowstep is a great ability and you should use it more. You can use it to quickly get out of an area if you have some health to spare, you can use it to flank by putting it in unexpected places, and it can help you chase down heroes with mobility or get out of their effective range. Don't sleep on this ability.

– Aim to get 2 or 3 kills with your ult, don't always go for those 4 or 5 man ult all the time.

– If you have control over an area, try to not leave it unless a ranged DPS is pestering you. Everyone is too scared to get too close to you, so you can use yourself as an area denial tool.

Matchups changes.


  • Reinhardt:

You can now stay out of his hammer range and deal good damage to him. Shield pressure is also high, if you got back up Rein should be no trouble, and even without backup you can still deal with him

  • Orisa
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With Fortify changed, you cannot reliably outdamage her. What I like to do is going in, shooting her to scare her then using shadowstep to quickly get out of her LOS. After her fortify is done you can go in and attack again since, remember, as long as you have Wraith form you should be okay in duels.

  • Wrecking ball

You need to go for headshots if he has shields, otherwise stay near your supports if he's planning on diving them so he doesn't commit fully. That's how you play against DIVE comps in general.

  • Roadhog

Dodging the hook is still essential, but you can now duel him away from his effective range, as in, too close for him to use secondary fire reliably but too far for his primary to do much damage. Reload during his take a breather since you won't deal enough damage to break through it.

Also, a friendly reminder that Roadhog is one of the few characters that won't die from your ultimate. As it does 510 damage max.

Other tank matchups didn't change. You still ruin Winston's day, Sigma still ruins yours, Zarya is still neutral, and D .Va won't win if you wraith away her micro missiles.


  • Ana

Try to play at the apex of your new effective range to you can see her sleep dart coming and dodge it. If you're too close she might bait it out of you with melee and if you don't use wraith, she can easily use the actual dart next time and ruin your engagement. Don't focus Nanoed targets you won't do much against them.

  • Baptiste

Primary fire into melee then ult immediately destroys his immortality field, before you ult, engage on him to force it out of him, then shoot it once with melee into ult and you should win. With the new range his boots shouldn't help him much. If he jumps to high ground chase him with Shadowstep.

All other matchups are the same. Break Brig's shield before ulting, Shoot at mercy from range to stop her passive and force her team to waste resources on her, pray to god your aim is good today if a Lucio is engaging and use shadowstep to save yourself from his soundwave. Zen.


  • Tracer

Play at your new range where she can't easily one clip you or deal huge damage at range, don't commit to a shot until you're sure she won't blink (For example, do it as soon as she blinks after she stops firing)

  • Genji

This matchup didn't change much but I don't see this trick used often so here it is, if he blades you, quickly shadowstep away to deny him a reset. if he saves his dash to follow you, you can use your wraith form.

  • Pharah
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Staying on the high ground and shooting her is more efficient now due to the range buff, do it to force her to play passively.

  • Hanzo

Here's a good mind game: let him fire his first storm arrow before using wraith form. That way thanks to the new machine gun buff, he might fire the rest and whiff them. If he's holding on to them, try to move to a safe spot, Hanzo is a great counter to Reaper due to his superior burst damage so respect him.

  • Doomfist

You should win this matchup as long as he misses/you dodge his rocket punch and keep your distance so his shotgun doesn't deal his max damage. Keep in mind that he can punch you out of your Shadowstep if he times it right.

  • Echo

Her beam lasts for 2 seconds now so you can wraith it since it lasts longer for a second. Try to dodge her stickies instead of wraithing them so her laser doesn't finish you off. She cannot fly as high as Pharah reliably so stick on the highground and pressure her off. If she's being pocketed just switch to McCree.

When Reaper doesn't work…

Switch to McCree, I recommend practicing him a lot if you like Reaper since McCree covers Reaper's weaknesses pretty well. If you're being countered McCree is a great switch.

That's all for this guide. I hope it helps you reap the rewards. Good luck

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