A Pre-Archives 2021 Timeline of Overwatch Lore and History

This is a verbose timeline of the history of Overwatch, which should include all of the major story milestones from in-game events, cinematics, comics, and short stories released as of March 2021. This is my best guess at that order; without exact confirmation from Blizzard, it's impossible to deduce a precise order.

Pre-History (>30 Years Before the Recall)

Pre-Crisis: Dr. Mina Liao is brought onto the staff of Omnica Corporation to aid in refining the artificial intelligence of the nascent omnics. While this does lead to improvements, it also causes some omnics to react erratically or violently, which (along with widespread corporate corruption) leads to Omnica's dismantlement and the shutdown of the omnium facilities worldwide.

30-25 Years Before the Recall

The Omnic Crisis: Defunct omniums reactivate, spawning an endless army of AI-driven machines intent on destroying humanity for unknown reasons. Different nations respond in different ways to combat the omniums, but these efforts are unable to shut down the omniums permanently.

Rise of Overwatch: Overwatch forms, at first covertly and later openly, as a UN-backed special task force oriented around dismantling the command-and-control structure of the various omniums.

  • Morrison and Reyes, both products of the US enhanced soldier program, are brought on board as field commanders.
  • Ana Amari, an expert Egyptian sniper, takes a senior position as a tactical advisor.
  • Balderich, from the German Crusaders, is invited to join Overwatch. Reinhardt Wilhelm goes in his stead

    , and later takes on a role as a strike team leader.
  • Torbjorn Lindholm, formerly of the Ironclad Guild and one of the designers of the SST E54 Bastion (in addition to other designs like the Titans), joins the team as an engineer and technical expert.
  • Mina Liao’s expertise with AI and role in the creation of the omnics makes her a prime candidate to aid Overwatch in defeating the omnic threat. Among her early contributions is the creation of the AI Athena, which acts as a support system for the Overwatch organization.

Morrison, Amari, Reyes, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Liao were the central actors of this effort, all bringing with them their own expertise. This ultimately brings the Omnic Crisis to an end, causing Overwatch to transition into a worldwide peacekeeping operation.

After the Crisis – 24-4 Years Before the Recall

(23-24 years ago based on Brigitte's age) Operation White Dome: Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and Emre Sarioglu are dispatched to deal with a pocket of omnic resistance. The team is ambushed, and Torbjorn loses an arm, but Reinhardt saves his life. Reinhardt earns the privilege to name Torbjorn's upcoming child, who is born "Brigitte." ( Thanks to u/Llodsliat )

(20 years ago): The Deadlock Gang: Founded by

partly as a surrogate family and partly as a gang of thieves, the Deadlock Gang made a name for themselves with audacious heists in the American Southwest, evading capture at every turn. Among the founding members was an expert marksman and natural-born outlaw named Jesse McCree.

  • Overwatch is called in to address the issue of the Deadlock Gang. Reyes infiltrates the gang, but ultimately opts to recruit McCree into Blackwatch rather than turning him over to the law. McCree accepts. Ashe and the rest of the gang escape. (thanks to @FreckledMcCree)

(Between 20 and 8 years ago — u/Jewvia)

: In the the Black Forest near Stuttgart, an SST Bastion unit (designated "E54") that malfunctioned and failed to deploy during an omnic assault on the city suddenly reawakens. Initially the Bastion appears intent on following its programming and marches to Stuttgart, but decides to disregard its directive and remain within the natural world. ( Thanks to u/DoctorDeadeye )

(Between 20 and 8 years ago)

: In her work to make reparations for creating the Omnic Crisis, Liao is given clearance to begin a new project, merging hard-light tech and advanced learning algorithms to create a prototype adaptive robot who could perform a variety of tasks. This robot came to be known as "Echo." Echo was occasionally deployed to test her capabilities alongside Overwatch, but after Liao's death in an attack on an Overwatch facility, the project was shut down, and Echo placed in stasis.

  • In his capacity as Liao's watchdog, McCree was privy to Echo's true capabilities as a complete AI that learned via observation. Liao intended for Echo to demonstrate the capability of artificial life to live alongside humanity, as a solution to the circumstances that led to the Omnic Crisis. At some point he acquires Echo's activation chip and keeps track of her storage location.

(15 years ago): Angela Ziegler, a prominent Swiss surgeon and nanobiology expert, joins Overwatch as their head of medical research. She had been previously acquainted with many members of the team due to her connection with Lindholm's family.

(> 12 years ago — u/Jewvia ) Australian Liberation: Displaced by the Australian government's efforts to appease the omnics, a group of solar farmers, outcasts and isolationists in the Outback form the Australian Liberation front. They clash with the omnics at the Australian omnium, ultimately causing a meltdown that destroys the omnium and irradiates the surrounding area. They then reclaim the area (such as it is) with the settlement around the reactor becoming known as Junkertown. (Thanks to u/catsonlyluvu4food )

("10 years ago") Anubis: In Cairo, Overwatch quarantined an AI "god program" called Anubis, which had the ability to co-opt other nearby omnics. While the people of Cairo had expected that the AI would help improve their quality of life, Overwatch deemed it a threat, imprisoning the AI. Cairo was hit with an economic crisis as a result. (Thanks to u/catsonlyluvu4food )

Escape from Horizon: On the Horizon Lunar Colony, a team of scientists genetically modified various animals to experiment with the possibilities of off-world living. Many of these subjects express advanced intelligence. Some of them lead a revolt, using deception to trick the scientists into an airlock and expelling them into the vacuum. However, not all of the specimens are in agreement with this plan: Winston,

, modifies an escape pod to allow him to survive re-entry to Earth. He is later discovered by Overwatch, who bring him in and aid in maintaining his genetic treatments in exchange for his services as a scientist.

  • , an oversized non-verbal hamster on Horizon, attaches his own makeshift vehicle to Winston’s craft. He breaks away from Winston’s craft during re-entry and crashes in the Australian Outback. Making his way to Junkertown, he creates an identity for himself as a demolition derby mech pilot named Wrecking Ball, using his vehicle as the basis for the mech.

("9 years ago")

: With resupplies delayed due to extended weird weather phenomena, the staff of the ecopoint, including climatologist Dr. Mei-Ling Zhao, put themselves in cryo-stasis to ride out the storm.

The Limits of Science: Geneticist

is drummed out of the scientific community for her questionable ethics, but is recruited by Reyes into his Blackwatch operation, giving her space to put her work to use for him.

The Passing Dragon: Shimada Sojiro, head of the Shimada criminal family, passes away, making his elder son Hanzo the new head of the clan. As his first order of business, Hanzo is directed by the other clan elders to straighten out the frivolities of Genji, his younger brother. This escalates into a duel between the two, where Genji is critically wounded, and believed dead by the clan and Hanzo.

  • Hanzo abandons the clan, wandering the world in search of redemption, but making annual visits (as infiltrations) to Shimada Castle to pay his respects before the family shrine in atonement for Genji’s death.
  • Genji is rescued by Overwatch, who agree to save his life and restore his body using cybernetics in exchange for information about the Shimada clan’s dealings and his service. Genji accepts, but soon finds that he has a great deal of trouble accepting his semi-robotic body, leading to a great deal of rage and self-loathing.
  • Reyes sees Genji as an asset for his Blackwatch team, which Genji accepts a spot on.

The Kanezaka Shadow War: With Genji's aid, Overwatch dismantles the Shimada clan's control of the criminal underworld in Japan. The power vacuum left by the Shimadas' absence leads to an extended turf war between smaller criminal gangs, giving rise to a more ruthless syndicate led by the Hashimoto family.

  • Asa Yamagami, the swordmaster who served the Shimada family and trained Hanzo and Genji in the art of combat, is pressed into service as an enforcer by the Hashimoto. She reluctantly serves them while they hold her husband, Toshiro (who was also employed by the Shimada as a swordsmith) hostage.

("8 years ago") Retribution: A new Overwatch base in Rome, headed by Gerard Lacroix, is bombed shortly after opening, killing several and injuring many others, including Lacroix. The perpetrator is believed to be Antonio Bartolotti, a businessman with extensive high-ranking connections and a known association with Talon. Morrison quietly approves a Blackwatch mission to Venice to extract Antonio for interrogation. However,

to execute Antonio instead, shooting his way out of Talon's hideout with Moira, Genji, and McCree in tow. The incident creates a lot of bad press for Overwatch, revealing the existence of a black ops organization within Overwatch.

  • The power vacuum created by Antonio's death results in a shake-up among Talon's leadership, allowing Vialli to orient the organization around making money, Akande Ogundimu to supplant Akinjide Adeyemi as Doomfist, and Maximilien to advance within the organization as a money launderer.
  • Somewhere after this point is when Moira takes her skills elsewhere. She's publicly made Minister of Genetics in the science haven Oasis in the Arabian desert, while covertly she offers her services to Talon and eventually gains a seat on their inner council.
  • Blackwatch is consequently suspended from active duty following this event.

: Experiments with a prototype high-speed jet go catastrophically wrong, causing the pilot, Lena Oxton (callsign Tracer) to become unrooted from time. Winston builds a chronal accelerator that allows her to control this effect to some degree.

The Cairo Incident: Little is indicated directly, but it's described as a situation in which a large number of people were in need of medical aid and were unable to receive it promptly, being characterized as a humanitarian crisis. Director Petras also ordered a full investigation into the incident.

  • This may have been related to the Anubis AI, still under quarantine by Overwatch.
  • An Overwatch official is murdered, presumably in Cairo, but it's unclear if it's directly related to the incident.
  • Coincidentally, it's somewhere in this period that Gerard Lacroix is murdered by his wife Amelie, who had been brainwashed by Talon and later returns to the organization to continue her service. She is later modified by Moira to drastically slow her heart-rate and suppress her emotions.

The Japan Incident: "Blackwatch under scrutiny after complaint from Japanese government" is one of the headlines right before the King's Row operation. While nothing is made explicit, it's possible that the decision to dismantle the Shimada clan was not sanctioned by the Japanese government.

("7 years ago") King's Row Uprising: The omnic terrorist organization Null Sector assaults the King's Row neighborhood of London, and take as hostages the omnic spiritual leader, Tekharta Mondatta, and the mayor of London, as well as a large number of other civilians.

  • The UK government insists on managing the situation internally and sternly denies Overwatch clearance to act against Null Sector.
  • (McCree and Reyes provide reconnaissance for the mission despite being deactivated after Venice AND without the British government's knowledge.)
  • Lena Oxton, having switched from test flight to field ops, advocates for going in anyway, as it's the right thing to do. Morrison dispatches a strike team led by Reinhardt, with Torbjorn and Mercy as support and Tracer as a location expert. The mission is a success, with Null Sector's area defenses disabled and the hostages rescued.

"Legacy" – Morrison leads a team to extract a group of scientists held hostage by Talon in Poland. While providing sniper support, Ana engages in a duel with a talented Talon sniper, while ordering Morrison to leave her behind. Ana damages the sniper's helmet, revealing it to be Amelie Lacroix. As Ana pieces together that Amelie must have been the one who killed Gerard, Amelie gets off a shot that destroys Ana's cybernetic right eye. As she recovers,

, and goes off the grid.

Disassembly: After a mission he’s leading goes poorly, Reinhardt is forced to retire from combat missions, ostensibly due to his advanced age. None of his colleagues within the organization, particularly Torbjorn, are happy with this decision.

("6 years ago")


" – Against the backdrop of Hurricane Fernand advancing on Havana, Cuba, Sojourn advises getting a bead on Maximilien, who is using a local rum distillery as a front for Talon's operations and money laundering. Tracer leads a strike team of Winston, Genji, and Mercy to investigate, and capture Maximilien. In exchange for his freedom, Max reveals Akande will be Singapore in three weeks.

  • Meanwhile, Akande is meeting with a mysterious omnic renegade, offering Talon's services.

( Three weeks later ) –

: Winston, Genji and Tracer engage in a street battle in Singapore against Akande, with Winston overpowering him. After a trial in which many of his cybernetics are removed, Akande is imprisoned.

("4 years ago")

  • Monte Cristi: Talon discovers that a rival criminal boss has a safe house that's vulnerable, and dispatches a strike team to extract him. When the mission gets out of hand,

    , a combat medic working for Talon, decides to leave the organization. Normally, no one leaves Talon alive, but Baptiste's squad mate, a hulking heavy assault named Mauga, allows him to escape.
  • Baptiste lives a fugitive life, using his skills as a medic in warzones and other underprivileged areas while keep a low profile to avoid Talon's detection.
    • At some point during this period or afterward, he meets Angela Ziegler at a humanitarian aid site in Venezuela. They work together for about a week before he moves on.
  • Corruption: Vernand Sainclair, a disgruntled analyst for Overwatch, begins to see the corruption growing within the organization. Feeling that his potential was never recognized, he turns to Talon, feeding them substantial information about Overwatch operations to further hamper the organization's mission.

The Downfall

Fall of Overwatch: The Swiss headquarters of Overwatch is destroyed during a brawl between Morrison and Reyes. Both are presumed dead.

  • Reyes assumes the moniker of Reaper, joining Talon and eventually becoming a part of their inner council.

  • , disillusioned with what Overwatch became and his own failures as a leader, spends time recuperating, later deciding that the world still needs saving from villainous actors. He begins stealing arms and equipment from abandoned watchpoints (as well as some maintained by Helix Securities) and begins a one-man war.
  • The UN launches a full investigation into the Swiss HQ explosion, and announced publicly that it appeared to be an accident.


  • The Petras Act: Written in response to the continuing public backlash against Overwatch, the Petras Accords are put into action, dismantling the organization. It bans former agents of the organization from taking peacekeeping actions as part of Overwatch.
  • Sainclair, maintaining his ties to Talon, starts a pharmaceutical company in his homeland of Haiti, which eventually turns into a monopoly that he uses to gouge the prices of needed medication to enrich himself.
  • Mercy departs from Overwatch. (Thanks to u/catsonlyluvu4food )
  • Echo is secured by the US military and put in cold storage. McCree, either at this point or earlier, acquires her activation key.
  • Destroyer: Torbjorn makes a personal mission out of dismantling creations of his that were weaponized during the Crisis or afterwards by malicious actors.
  • Dragon Slayer: Reinhardt travels around the European countryside, fighting against injustice where he can find it. Brigitte accompanies him as an armorer and sidekick.
  • Winston remains at Watchpoint Gibraltar, monitoring goings-on in the world while being unable to take any action to assist.
  • McCree lives a fugitive life, wanted for his crimes while part of the Deadlock Gang AND for crimes he committed as part of Blackwatch. At some point he loses his left arm, which is replaced with a cybernetic one.
  • Genji wanders the world, still in search of harmony with his cyberized body. He meets Zenyatta and studies under him in Nepal, coming to terms with his new form.


  • Siebren de Kuiper's research into gravitic theory culminates in a black hole experiment on an international space station. The experiment goes awry, causing extensive psychological damage to the already eccentric de Kuiper but granting him the ability to manipulate gravity. Deemed a danger to himself and others, de Kuiper is quarantined in a government facility for study over several years.
    • Eventually, de Kuiper is "freed" by Talon. As he gained greater mastery over his powers, Talon found a use for them. However, it's clear (to everyone save de Kuiper himself) that the organization has enslaved him and is using the results of his research and his powers for their own purposes.
  • Many of the active security jobs managed by Overwatch fall to private security companies like Helix Securities. This includes the containment of the Anubis AI and the supermax prison facility where Akande is held.
  • In the absence of Overwatch, Fareeha Amari, Ana’s daughter, works her way up the ranks of the Helix organization.
  • A Better World: The Vishkar Corporation, an architectural firm headquartered in the Indian tech haven of Utopaea, is turned down for a reconstruction development in Rio de Janeiro. Satya Vaswani (codename: Symmetra), an advanced hard-light architect (and corporate spy) for Vishkar, is tasked by her colleague Sanjay Korpal to investigate the local developer who received the winning bid. When she finds nothing of value that would help to break down the deal, Sanjay detonates explosives in the developer’s building, ruining the developer’s possibility of fulfilling the bid AND setting off a destructive fire in the nearby favelas.
    • Sanjay is another secret member of the inner council of Talon.
    • The father of Lucio Correia Dos Santos was employed by Vishkar and helped pioneer some of their hard-light applications. Over time Dos Santos grew disillusioned with the company and left.
  • Wasted Land: In the Australian Outback, Mako Rutledge meditates on the falseness of Junkertown as both a reflection and parody of normal society. By chance, he’s pulled into a conflict between Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes, a half-crazed demolitions expert and braggart, and servants of the Junker Queen, who is irritated with Junkrat for running his mouth too many times. Rutledge, known to the Queen’s men, is provoked to intervene on Junkrat’s behalf. Finding him honest (either despite or due to his obvious insanity) Rutledge accompanies Junkrat in exile from Junkertown.
  • Talon Captain Cuerva tracks Baptiste to the isle of Tortuga, near Port-de-Paix. While Cuerva and his team prepare to comb the island for Baptiste, the medic takes down members of the team one by one. Only Cuerva's journal survives the event, but it is (eventually) recovered by Talon, revealing the fate of Cuerva and his team. (Mauga was not part of this operation.)

The Recall

: Fed up with the rising threat of a new worldwide crisis, Winston launches a satellite into orbit to enable the dispatch of an agent recall, effectively reactivating Overwatch. Before Winston can activate the recall (as Athena reminds him of the Petras accords) Reaper, along with some Talon henchmen, break into the watchpoint to extract the database of Overwatch agent identities. After driving off Reaper, Winston sends the recall signal, and reconnects first with Tracer.

  • Reaper escapes with a partial list, allowing him to assassinate some extant Overwatch agents.

London Calling: Having settled into a quiet life in London with her partner Emily, Tracer occasionally finds herself in a position where she can stop crimes from taking place. One of these forays causes her to meet Iggy, an omnic living in the Underground who is forced to steal components to maintain their grid since no one will sell to omnics. Bonding over music, Iggy introduces Tracer to her flatmates Lady and Lizzy, though Tracer is later harassed by other omnics who don't welcome her presence in the Underground.

  • Prior to his speech at a human/omnic rally, Mondatta chats privately with Tracer, reflecting on her past heroism in rescuing him during the King's Row uprising and hoping she will persevere in aiding omnics and humans in attaining peace, even if the path is dangerous. Tracer agrees about the danger and hopes Mondatta will be cautious as well, and then enters the crowd to hear the omnic leader speak.

: Mondatta takes the stage in King's Row, again advocating for peaceful coexistence between omnics and humans. Despite Tracer's efforts, Widowmaker succeeds in assassinating Mondatta.

  • Iggy notices when Tracer pursues Widowmaker, and watches Tracer choose to save herself (via Recalling) rather than stopping the bullet that kills Mondatta. This disillusions Iggy, who believes Tracer's self-preservation means her professed support of omnics was superficial.
  • Mondatta's death emboldens some of the omnics in the Underground (led by Kace) to hold a protest. The protest escalates, with police deploying sonic pulse cannons to disperse the crowd. Lady rushes one of the cannons, attempting to convince the police not to fire, but ends up taking a pulse at point-blank range. Her systems fail moments later.
  • With the debacle of the protest, Kace attempts to incite the Underground to riot, but his call to do so is cut short when a sniper fires at him and barely misses. Iggy realizes the shooter is one of Kace's henchmen, and deduces that Kace was faking an attempt on his own life to help stoke the Underground into a revolution.
  • Tracer (with timely backup from Winston) succeeds in helping Iggy and Lizzy reveal Kace's deception to the Underground. Before fleeing, Kace attempts to kill Iggy, but Tracer recalls in front of her and takes the bullet, getting seriously injured in the process. While she recovers, Winston assists in repairing the grid, and while tensions with humanity aren't completely resolved, the Underground, at least, is at peace again.

: Winston's recall signal prompts Mei's release from cryo-stasis in Antarctica. She discovers, to her horror, that the other scientists all died due to failures in their cryo-tanks. However, the many years of weather data recorded by the ecopoint's sensors suggest a major ecological problem, and Mei commits herself to escaping Antarctica and rejoining Winston in Overwatch to address it.

  • On her way back, she rescues a nest of endangered arctic wildlife, which gets international attention. Winston then enlists Mei to visit other deactivated ecopoints to collect their data in order to explore the ecological crisis.

("Three days later") What You Left Behind: Baptiste returns to his hometown of Port-de-Paix to aid a clinic he started there with his childhood friend, Roseline Mondésir. After the day's work, he is intercepted by Mauga and Nguyen (the analyst who handled Cuerva's team) who then blackmail him into aiding in a Talon operation in Port-de-Paix: having a discussion with Vernand Sainclair over his company's price-gouging and what he owes to Talon as a result.

  • Sainclair sets a trap for the Talon team, but Mauga and Baptiste's expertise as partners allows them to overcome Sainclair's forces. Sainclair attempts to bargain for his life by offering up news of Winston's Recall signal and a list of inactive agent locations, but Nguyen refuses, implying that Talon already has the information.
  • Given the task of executing Sainclair, Baptiste instead chooses to evacuate him instead, escaping from Mauga and Nguyen. He later compels Sainclair to provide for Haiti's medical clinics for free in exchange for his life, and then evades Mauga after detonating a fusion charger next to him.
  • Baptiste reviews the Recall data and recognizes Angela Ziegler as an inactive agent whose present location is listed. He decides she deserves to know that Talon is after her, and calls in a favor from Sombra.

Other world events happening around this time involve Lucio fighting against the Vishkar Corporation’s exploitative use of local land (which coincides with him stealing back some of his father’s tech from Vishkar), and D.va’s rise to prominence as the new superstar of the MEKA squad. (


  • Going Legit: Junkrat and Rutledge (AKA Roadhog), having established themselves as rambunctious criminals, are hired by the head of Hyde Global and told to rescue his employees from a group of crazed omnics who have taken over one of his warehouses. The duo arrive to learn there are no employees, the security drones aren’t malfunctioning, and that they’d clearly been double-crossed by Mr. Hyde. They return to Hyde’s building, tie Hyde to it, and then blow up the building while ziplining away.
  • Mission Statement: Pharah and a Helix squad respond to the Anubis AI nearly breaking its containment, seizing control of nearby omnic security drones. While her squad commander and several squadmates were killed in action, Pharah succeeds in quelling the uprising and securing Anubis.
  • Train Hopper: McCree has stowed away on a hyper-train which comes under attack by Talon, who are after an item being transported under heavy guard on the train. He eliminates the initial wave of attackers, but knows Talon will use more indiscriminate means to get what they want, so he boots the item off the train. The thankful passengers agree to let him relax on the train for the last few minutes before he has to continue evading the law.
  • Honor and Glory: Reflecting on the battle of Eichenwalde, where Balderich gave his life to save Reinhardt’s and set him on the path to Overwatch, Reinhardt chooses to answer Winston’s recall signal, despite Brigitte’s misgivings. Consequently,

    herself alongside Reinhardt, acting more as a squire than merely his armorer.
  • “The Archaeology Plot”: A mysterious benefactor appears to be behind recent excavations and studies at Petra, Ayutthaya, and Ilios. Additionally, there is suspicion that Talon is interested in stealing artifacts from these locations.

: Winston and Tracer intercept Reaper and Widowmaker as they break into the Overwatch museum, intent on stealing the gauntlet of Doomfist. The Talon agents escape empty-handed.

: Hanzo makes his annual return to Shimada Castle to pay his respects to his dead brother. Genji appears, dueling Hanzo under the guise of an assassin before revealing his identity. Hanzo is incredulous at the cyberization of Genji’s body, but Genji deflects that discussion to advise Hanzo that a new conflict is rising, and which side he chooses to fight on will be important.

  • Asa Yamagami writes a letter to her husband, remarking that the Hashimoto clan's oppressive rule over Kanezaka has given rise to vigilantes who disrupt the gang's business. As the Hashimoto's enforcer, Asa must fight against these vigilantes even if she does so unwillingly, and implies that her and Toshiro's daughter might be among those fighting against the syndicate.

: Morrison follows a lead to Dorado, investigating the shady operations of the Lumerico power company. While there, he learns of the actions of a violent street gang called Los Muertos. At one point, he assaults a number of Los Muertos gang members in the middle of transporting weapons. A civilian (Alejandra) is caught in the crossfire, however, preventing him from being able to pursue the gang members.

: Vialli orders a hit on Katya Volskaya, head of Volskaya Industries, a primary provider of Russia’s Svyatogor mechs, since Volskaya refuses to deal with Talon. Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra are dispatched for the job.

  • Widowmaker is about to take the shot when the security alarm goes off, causing Volskaya to take cover and prompting Reaper to go on the offensive. He’s pinned down fighting against a new prototype mech, and orders Sombra to finish the job.
  • Sombra corners Volskaya in her secured office, and then reveals that she set off the alarm herself, taking the opportunity to establish a friendship with Volskaya. This is actually blackmail: Sombra had uncovered that Volskaya was acquiring key tech for her new mechs from omnics, and threatens to go public with it, which would ruin Volskaya and her company.
  • Volskaya submits, and Sombra withdraws, saying she’ll be in touch and then lying to the other two Talon agents by saying that Volskaya escaped.
  • (Reaper knows that Sombra sabotaged the operation.)

Old Soldiers: Morrison follows another lead to Cairo, suspecting he’s found the location of a sniper called Shrike, who has a substantial bounty on their head. He assaults the compound of a known criminal and arms dealer named Hakim, who is offering the bounty, as an attempt to draw out Shrike. Unexpectedly, he encounters Reaper, who was there collecting information from Hakim about the Anubis facility for Sombra’s analysis. Reaper and Morrison fight, with Shrike appearing to assist Morrison, as well as revealing herself to be Ana Amari. Amari gets a look behind Reaper’s mask and sees the results of his cellular deterioration.

  • Bastet: Ana retreats with Morrison to her hideout in the Necropolis to tend his wounds from the fight with Reaper. Morrison admits he can’t actually fight his war alone and wants Ana’s support. Ana agrees to do it on the condition that they


Valkyrie: In Cairo, Angela Ziegler reflects on her original recruitment into Overwatch and her career since leaving it, but is interrupted by Morrison and Amari. When Talon assaults the Anubis facility, Morrison and Amari convince Angela to help them by caring for injured civilians caught in the crossfire. She starts with a young girl named Hanan and her brother, but nearly gets killed getting them to safety. After helping with other injuries in the wake of the attack, Morrison and Amari invite Angela to join their pursuit of Reaper and Talon, but Angela refuses, saying she's headed in a different direction.

Reflections: Against the backdrop of Tracer shopping for a Christmas present for Emily, this comic gives us a check-in on the status of most of the cast revealed as of December 2016 (which is the launch cast plus Ana and Sombra). ( Thanks to u/Monkk136 )

  • Mei is on television reporting on the winter storm hitting England.
  • D.va is in a holiday outfit on what appears to be Korean advertising.
  • Zarya is pictured with Russian military forces.
  • Lucio is on a poster advertising a New Year's Eve concert in King's Row.
  • Satya Vaswani (Symmetra) appears on the cover of an architecture magazine in Tracer's flat.
  • Genji is with Zenyatta in Nepal (writing a letter with a feather pen).
  • Pharah is with her father Sam, having Italian food while watching Canadian hockey.
  • Junkrat and Roadhog are on a joyride in Buena Park, likely in the middle of their crime spree.
  • Hanzo is in civilian garb and buying a cake.
  • Reinhardt and Brigitte are with Torbjorn and the rest of his family.
  • Ana and Morrison are in Cairo, staking out Hakim.
  • McCree is passed out in a bar in Dorado, while Sombra is at the other end of the bar.
  • Reaper is pursuing (or simply observing) a happy family walking in the rain.
  • Widowmaker is visiting the grave of Gerard Lacroix.
  • Mercy is in what appears to be a field hospital (reading a letter with a feather, suggesting it's the letter Genji wrote).
  • Winston is in Watchpoint Gibraltar, ultimately hosting Tracer and Emily for a holiday dinner.

Binary: A village in Sweden is shocked to learn that a Bastion unit (the one that had awakened in the Black Forest) has been sighted in the area. Torbjorn appears, pressuring the townspeople to let him deal with the Bastion, but the local chief of police insists on accompanying him. Torbjorn deduces that something is off about this unit, as it is violating programming directives he knows the unit should have, since he designed it. He compels the Bastion unit to accompany him (while subduing the local policemen who want to destroy the Bastion) and heads off with the omnic in tow. (Thanks to u/DoctorDeadeye )

Masquerade: Akande breaks out of the Helix supermax, and is picked up by Reaper. Reaper catches him up on current events up to this point. Accompanied by Sombra and Widowmaker, Akande meets with Maximilien, but is faced with an assassination attempt by Vialli. Akande then proceeds to Venice for a meeting of the Talon inner council, and meets with Vialli before throwing him off a bridge.

  • At some point after this, Akande assaults the museum in Numbani and steals back the Doomfist. In the process, he tears through the OR-15 omnics commissioned as the city’s defense force.

aaaaaaaand because I hit the character limit, subsequent sections in the comments!

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Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2021

Survival video games are still going strong in 2021. Here's everything to look forward to on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and beyond.

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