After 3 Years, I found a psychological technique to push impactfully as Off-Tank (Zarya) and help your Main Tank Sustain health and stay alive. This one process has allowed me to gain 300 SR THIS WEEK.

This is my first post here, pls be nice!
I have recently made the change from a DPS player to Off-tank, primarily playing Zarya. During the first 50 hours in comp, PUGs, scrims, and other competitive endeavors I practiced bubble timings, tracking, grav placements, and other Zarya stuff. I'm also the shotcaller for the team a majority of the time. Normal stuff and I'm slowly improving, while also feeding into the enemy team less trying to finish a kill. During this time I had an SR or 2100.

One day playing PUGs with a majority Diamond team and Diamond enemies, I noticed the great improvement in coordination (as expected) in relation to my comp games, and while I was still shotcalling, it seemed the teammates really understood me. hmm.

So, we're there holding Eichenwalde first choke on defense with Rien+Zarya and good heals, and I saw their team not really pushing or adding pressure really well. Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and told our rien to back up as fast as possible and sure enough I barely saved his life. Suddenly something wonderful clicked in my head. It was like at that moment everything made sense, I could read the minds of the enemies perfectly, like I had ASCENDED.

(You might not understand the tip I'm going to give but); What I'm trying to say is that I could clear as day see how the enemy tanks moved and created space and I could read them like a chess board, and like how you often look at your opponents pieces to understand their plan of attack better. Now the point I'm getting to is that as a Tank player and/or shotcaller, having a certain level of self-awareness in proactive reading and reacting of enemy tank movements can allow you to predict the cause of an enemy blitzkrieg ahead of time, which you can callout to save your main tank from certain death. Being able to SEE and not just look, can allow you to predict the future and save your main tank from ambush.

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The main point is to SEE the enemy movements and make proactive predictions on when and how their next push will occur.

Little details such as small abilities from enemies can compound and snowball into a big push, and you might not understand why they could do that. For example lets say you are initiating a team fight and you tell your rien to put down shield to bubble him for charge and you gain 40 charge instantly and the bubble goes down, but rien doesnt instantly put up shield, allowing enemy mei to poke rein with a tiny amount of slow. This in turn makes rein not frozen, but not able to turn a corner fast enough and he gets hooked when he otherwise would have fled. This boldens the enemy lucio to Amp and their ana to nano when they otherwise wouldnt have and caused your team to back up further than you should have. That little bit of this and little bit of that now contributed to your team being out of position with no main tank or shields and a nano'd, sped, enemy rien chasing you.

TL:DR – Being able to predict with a certain level of self-awareness and positioning when a big push is coming from enemies can allow you to shotcall to save your main tank from ambush. This seems vague but you can read certain movements in enemy behavior which lets you know they're about to hold W and push you, and telling your main tank to back up when they otherwise wouldn't have can save them, and this technique has gained me 300SR and countless maintanks saved with a sliver of health. Good prediction, proaction, and reaction is lifesaving.

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