Aim/Setup Guide: Get Consistently Good Aim

Hello, I'm an all-aim-no-brain hitscan player currently in GM, and I see some posts about people asking how to improve their aim/make it more consistent, so I thought I'd give some advice.

Firstly, your setup/settings make a huge difference in how consistent your aim is. If I gave a plat player my setup, they'd probably improve quickly. That being said, here are my recommendations:


Mice are largely personal preference, but shape matters most. As long as it's made for fps games, and is from a reputable brand, it's usable. Comfort matters most, since 99% of new mice these days are more than good enough in terms of accuracy/latency.


If you use a low sensitivity, I'd recommend using a higher friction "control" pad. If you use a high sensitivity, I'd recommend using a lower friction "speed" pad. The general consensus is that control+low sens is better for click-timing (Widow/Ashe/Cree…) and speed+high sens is better for tracking (Tracer/Soldier/Zarya…). Most pro hitscans use control+low sens. Again, do what feels best for you and don't force anything, these are guidelines.


The two most important things are input lag and response time. A lot of people confuse the two, so let me explain: input lag is the time between making an input and seeing it appear onscreen, and response time is basically how clear/blurry the monitor is when displaying fast motion. Lower = better for both of these. A lot of monitors advertised as 1ms response time can actually have 20+ ms response time, because the value advertised is the peak response time. Use sites like rtings.com to check the actual response time and input lag of monitors.

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  • Use a 1000hz polling rate on your mouse
  • Change your graphics cards settings (Nvidia Control Panel/AMD Radeon Settings) to reduce input lag (you can look online for a full guide if you're not sure what to change)
  • Use all low settings in OW, Render scale should be 75%-100%, Triple Buffering off, Reduce Buffering on (you can change individual settings to your preference, i.e. if you prefer higher quality textures)
  • Vsync/Gsync/Freesync off wherever you see it
  • Navigate to Overwatch.exe, check "Disable fullscreen optimizations," click Apply
  • Always run Overwatch in Fullscreen at your native resolution


Sens is pretty subjective, so I'll just give some guidelines. eDPI is your effective sensitivity, and is calculated by multiplying your DPI by your in game sensitivity. Your DPI should be between 400-1600, there's really no reason to go above or below. A normal eDPI would be around 3000-5000 eDPI, outside this range would be considered high or low sensitivity. You can try using the PSA method to find your ideal sensitivity, but I'd recommend just experimenting with different sensitivities. Don't mindlessly copy your favorite pro player's sensitivity: They're using a different setup, and they're a different person. Pay attention to what feels good to you.

Scoped Sensitivity

The 1:1 scoped sensitivity by monitor distance is 51.47 for Ashe, and 37.89 for Ana and Widow. There's no need to use these sensitivities whatsoever, I just wanted to add this info. Use these if you want a consistent feeling between scoped and hipfire.

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To improve your aim, you need to train your raw mechanics. This can be done in aim trainers like Kovaaks, I'd recommend spending 15 minutes or so a day warming up in an aim trainer before you play. Make sure you vary your scenarios, try scenarios with large targets, small targets, bouncing targets, strafing targets, etc. These train different parts of your aim. Pay attention to your visual tracking/reaction time, this is an often overlooked part of one's mechanical skill. Track the targets with your eyes, don't focus on your crosshair. Think of your mouse as moving your crosshair, even though your crosshair is stationary on your screen.

You should also learn each character's hitbox. KK49M is a great code for learning hitboxes on every character. With some practice, you should be able to consistently land only headshots in this workshop mode. P51KK is another code, this one's good for practicing against strafing targets.

Lastly, grind tryhard ffa/headshot lobbies and comp on an alt account to practice against real players.

Remember, consistency is everything. Your goal should be to consistently hit shots under pressure. Consistently hitting easy shots is much more important than sometimes hitting crazy shots.

If you follow everything in this guide, I can guarantee you'll be on your way to getting consistently good aim. If you have any questions/disagree with something I said, don't hesitate to ask. I hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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