All competitive callouts. Including abilities, heroes, strategies, and more.

When playing competitively, communication is key. But it isn't as easy as you think. Making sure that you're saying the right things, giving short but helpful information and communicating strategies and intentions are key to climbing in my opinion.

Comp players use short callouts instead of long sentences to explain something. For example, "Focus on destroying Sigma's experimental barrier" Is too long. So instead they say "Break Sig's shield" Or "Focus sig's shield" for easier callouts.

Here are all the callouts I can think of to help you in these situations.


Starting off with the heroes, remember that Comp players choose names that are usually only two-syllable at max. So instead of saying "Wreck-ing-Ball" They say "Hamm-ond". Here are all the usual hero callouts. Those who aren't mentioned are simply referred to with their actual name like Ashe or Ana

  • Reinhardt: Rein
  • Sigma: Sig
  • Roadhog: Hog
  • Pilot D. va: Baby dva
  • D. va: Dva
  • Winston: Monkey. But sometimes he's referred to as Winston too. Monkey is just more pleasant to say as there isn't an N in the end.
  • Wrecking ball: Hammond, Hamster, ball and sometimes rat. If they have a junkrat tho stay away from using Rat.

  • Baptiste: Bap
  • Zenyatta: Zen
  • Brigitte: Brig
  • Lucio: Some people refer to him as "Luchio" as in "ch" in "chalk". Accents I guess. Just remember that.

  • Doomfist: Doom
  • Junkrat: Rat or Junk
  • McCree: Some people refer to him as just Cree
  • Soldier: 76: Soldier or 76, Usually Soldier tho.
  • Symmetra: Sym.
  • Torbjorn: Torb
  • Widowmaker: Widow. Sometimes sniper but say Widow since Ashe exists.


-Ultimates: Ults. If you can't remember the name just say "Character ult" So "Ana ult" or "Doom ult".

-Abilities: Cooldowns.

-Knockback abilities: Boop.

-Stunning abilities: Stun.

-Healing primary fire: Healing

  • Reinhardt:

-Barrier field: Shield or Rein shield
-Earthshatter: Shatter

  • Orisa:

-Protective barrier: Shield or Orisa shield
-Halt!: Pull, Minigrav or sometimes just Halt.
-Supercharger: Bongo

  • Sigma:

-Experimental barrier: Shield or Sig shield.
-Accretion: Rock
-Kinetic grasp: Sigma matrix. suck or grasp.
-Gravitic flux: Flux. Don't call it grav. Please.

  • Roadhog:

-Chain hook: Hook
-Take a breather: Self heal, heal, breather or vape.

  • Zarya"

-Projected barrier: Self bubble, Bubble or Zarya bubble
-Projected barrier: Friendly bubble, bubble or Zarya bubble
-Graviton surge: Grav.

  • Wrecking ball:

-Piledriver: Slam or piledrive
-Roll: Ball mode. If he's moving quickly then fire ball
-Adaptive shields: Hammond shields or shields. Keep the S in the end to differentiate it from barriers.
-Minefield: Mines
-Grappling hook: Grapple

  • Winston:

-Tesla cannon: Zap
-Jump pack: Leap or Jump
-Barrier projector: Bubble or winston bubble

  • D. va:

-Micromissiles: Missiles
-Defense matrix: Matrix.
-Self-destruct: Nuke or Dva bomb.

  • Ana:

-Sleep dart: Sleep.
-Biotic grenade: Anti nade, nade, Jar, and Ana nade.
-Nanoboost: Nano

  • Baptiste:

-Immortality field: Lamp.
-Amplification matrix: Window

  • Moira:

-Biotic orb: Moira orb
-(Damage) Biotic orb: Suck ball or damage orb.
-(Healing) Biotic orb: Heal orb
-(Damage) Biotic grasp: Suck or Moira suck
-(Healing) Biotic grasp: Heal spray, piss (I know disgusting but lots of people call it that)
-Coalescence: Coal or Moira beam
-Healing resources: Heals or Juice.

  • Mercy

-Guardian angel: GA or fly
-Resurrection: Rez
-Valkyrie: Valk.

  • Lucio:

-Soundwave: Boop
-Amp-it-up: Amp
-Wallrun: Wall climb
-Sound barrier: Beat.

  • Brigittie:

-Shield bash: Bash or Brig stun
-Whip shot: Brig boop, whip, or boop.
-Inspire: Brig heals but mostly just inspire.
-Barrier shield: Brig shield.

  • Zenyatta:

-Discord orb: Discord
-Harmony orb: Harmony
-Transcendence: Trans.
-Secondary fire: Orb volley or volley.

  • Ashe:

-Coach gun: Boop, shotgun or just coahgun.
-B.O.B: Bob

  • Bastion:

-Self-repairs: Self-heal
-Tank mode: Tank

  • Doomfist:
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-Rocket punch: Punch
-Seismic Slam: Slam
-Rising uppercut: Uppercut
-Meteor strike: Meteor
-The best defense…: Doom shields.

  • Echo:

-Focusing beam: Beam or laser.
-Duplicate: Clone
-Echo-duplicated-hero: The clone.

  • Genji

-Swift strike: Dash
-Cyber agility: Wallclimb and double jump
-Dragonblade: Blade

  • Hanzo:

-Sonic arrow: Sonic
-Storm arrows: Storm. Tho tbh I always hear people just call it storm arrow
-Natural agility: Wallclimb
-Dragonstrike: Dragons.

  • Junkrat:

-Steel trap: Trap or Junk trap
-Concussion mine: Mine or Junk mines.
-Total mayhem: Passive (I'm not joking)
-Rip-Tire: Tire

  • McCree:

-Fan-the-hammer: Fan
-Combat roll: Roll
-Flashbang: Flash or Cree stun
-Deadeye: High noon or noon.

  • Mei:

-Cryofreeze: Ice block
-Ice wall: Wall or Mei wall
-(Sections) Ice wall: Pillers

  • Pharah:

-Concussive blast: Boop, pharah boop or concussive
-Jump jet: Jet or jump.
-Barrage: Some people refer to it as justice but it's mostly barrage.

  • Reaper:

-Wraith form: Wraith
-Shadow step: Reaper tp or tp
-Death blossom: Blossom
-The Reaping: Life steal or self heal.

  • Soldier:76:

-Helix rockets: Helix or rockets
-Sprint: Run
-Biotic field: Healing pad
-Tactical visor: Visor or aimbot

  • Sombra:

-Stealth: Invis

  • Symmetra:

-Sentry turrets: Sym turrets
-Teleporter: TP or sym tp
-Photon barrier: Wall

  • Torbjorn:

-Deploy turret: Turret
-Overload: Torb E
-Molten core: Lava, coom, spunk, whatever Semen joke you can process honestly.

  • Widowmaker:

-Venom mine: Mine or venom
-Grappling hook: Grapple
-Infrasight: Walls. wallhack, sights.

In-fight callouts

These are callouts that your team will tell you during a fight. Ranging from enemy health, to abilities used…etc. I'll use Tracer to represent enemies and Ana representing teammates. a team fight is when two teams clash against each other in a fight for picks or space. Space is essentially space that the enemy cannot enter without getting punished by your team. Thus they are forced to run away.

  • Tracer half: Tracer is at half health
  • Tracer low: Tracer is at low health
  • Tracer one: Tracer is one hit from anything of any range away from death. Do NOT use this instead of "Tracer low" Because one means anybody even if its a reaper from across the map can extend a bit and kill her. If she can take it your team may overextend and get punished.
  • Tracer purple: Tracer has been hit by a friendly Ana's anti nade
  • Tracer slept: Tracer has been put to sleep by a friendly Ana's sleep dart
  • Tracer point: Tracer is standing on the objective
  • Tracer contesting: Tracer is interrupting your progress on the objective
  • Tracer behind us: Tracer is flanking you.
  • Tracer hacked: Friendly sombra hacked Enemy tracer.
  • I ate grav/Dragon/*Whatever ability that is a projectile here*: Friendly Dva or Sigma deleted an enemy projectile or ult.
  • I blocked shatter/noon… etc: Friendly shield tank or Sym used their barrier to block an ability that required line of sight.
  • Boosting in: Friendly lucio about to use Amp it up on speed boost
  • Don't let them rez: Interrupt enemy mercy's resurrection attempt
  • Push in: Move forward towards the objective or chokepoint
  • Pick: A kill
  • Focus Tracer: Focus all your attacks on Tracer
  • Burn shield: Focus your attacks on an enemy barrier
  • Ana popping: Friendly ana is doing her work correctly. Not sure if Blizzard intended for Ana to get a 6k but if it wins the objective it wins the objective
  • Dry push: Pushing without using ultimate to make the enemy team deplete their ultimates
  • Force cooldowns: Pressure enemies into using their abilities in preparation for an incoming push
  • Bait out: fake an engagement to trick the enemy into using an ability only for you to immediately retreat.
  • Set up and use: Make sure the situation is right before using an ability.
  • Tracer high ground: Tracer has control over the high ground by existing there and being a threat
  • Take high ground: Move towards the high ground
  • We have numbers: Your team has more people alive than the enemy
  • Tracer got ult: Tracer most likely has her ultimate ready and is in a good position to use it. Be aware.
  • Turn around: There is a whole situation happening behind you that you're not aware of.
  • Tracer no ____ (blind, recall…etc): Tracer has used a cooldown and won't have it in a further duel
  • Regroup: The fight is lost. Go back to spawn and regroup with your team
  • Take space: You, a friendly tank, need to move forward and prevent the enemy team from entering your effective range without being punished.
  • Heal your Ana: Your ana needs healing
  • Nano your genji: Use your nano boost on your Genji
  • They rezzed that/gonna rez that: A pick has happened but it's inevitable that the enemy Mercy will use resurrection on the picked enemy
  • LOS: line of sight
  • I'm out of juice: Your Moira is out of healing resources.
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I most likely missed a few. Let me know what I missed in the comments please!


Room with mega: there is a mega health pack in this room
-Healthpack: Area with a healthpack spawning there.
-Payload: Objective on Escot maps.

Aside from that. Take places as they appear to be. If an enemy tracer is hiding in the fake prison on Holleywood. Say "Tracer in prison". If mercy is hiding behind control panels on Horizon, say "Mercy at control panels". If you can't figure out what is that building. State the type of ground. "Tracer highground" "Tracer inside" "Tracer in left building" "Tracer lowground"…etc


  • Point: Capture points on assault and control maps
  • Payload: Objectives on escort maps
  • Tick: Standing on the objective long enough to get one of the three ticks needed to win. If your team is pushed back the tick is registered and not lost even if you don't get the objective win.
  • Play point: Stand on the objective for a fight will break there soon

Again remind me if I forgot anything


Usually compositions are decided by the tanks. So pay attention to them to figure out their playstyle.

  • Brawl

Usually using Rein and Zarya. This comp moves forward quickly and takes advantage of the momentum. If the fight is drawn out they run out of cooldowns and are forced to retreat.

  • Dive

Using Winston, Dva or Hammond. Dive use mobility cooldowns to jump on the enemy team. Focus an enemy or two for early picks. Extremely vulnerable to CC (Stuns and knockback)

  • Double shield

Using Sigma's experimental barrier to increase the strength and flexibility of their defense. Usually paired with Orisa but sometimes With Reinhardt on attack. Usually have an answer to dive but are forced to give up a huge amount of space after losing one team fight. Harder to recover from.

  • Shake and bake

Using Roadhog's guaranteed kill potential and pairing him up with Orisa's halt or Sigma's rock. This is a comp that is great at burning shields and getting picks constantly, Making teamfights 5vs6 as much as possible. Loses to Hog counters and aggressive barrier placement. Sigma Roadhog is usually used for Attack with Orisa hog on Defense.

  • Off tank comp and hybrids

Sometimes you'll see odd things like Orisa Rein, Orisa hog on Attack, Ball Sigma…etc. These comps try to balance between both worlds but are double vulnerable to the specific tank counters.

Hero types

  • Main tanks: Tanks that are considered the anchor of the team fight and the team in general. Usually a Rein or an Orisa.
  • Off tanks: Tanks that play with the main tanks and utilize their space while having methods of protection and damage dealing. Those being Zarya and Roadhog
  • Dive tanks: Tanks that have high mobility and are capable of focusing enemies and creating space through displacing enemies. Wrecking ball
  • Hybrid tanks: Tanks that can work in two roles. Winston is a dive tank-main tank hybrid. D. va is an offtank-dive tank hybrid. Sigma is a main tank-offtank hybrid.
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  • Main healers: Healers with Huge healing potential. Usually only have one or two side utilities aside from their ultimate. But their main job is to heal. Mercy, Baptiste, Moira and Ana.
  • Off healers: Healers that provide less healing but unique utilities. Sometimes referred to as specialists. Zenyatta, Lucio and Brig.

  • Hitscan: damage heroes with weapons that require no travel time. McCree, Ashe, Soldier 76, Sombra, and Widowmaker.
  • Projectile: Damage heroes with weapons that require travel time. Echo, Pharah, Hanzo, and Junkrat.
  • Main dps: damage heroes that usually are the team's main source of damage. Bastion and Torbjorn.
  • Flankers: Heroes that do well on getting behind enemy lines, getting a kill before being spotted then immediately leave or die. Trading their lives for a more important pick on the enemy. Sometimes also just grabbing the enemies' attention for space. Doomfist, Tracer, Genji, Reaper and Sombra

DPS heroes are flexible and flanking can be done with everyone while also dueling enemies face to face. Remember that.

Ingame events

C9: Enemies forgot to stay on the objective for no reason.

Backcap: Taking the objective while the enemies are being bloodthirsty and ignoring it. Usually on payload maps.

Feeding: Giving an advantage to the enemies. Letting yourself get shot, dealing damage that is easily healed by enemy supports, shooting Zarya bubbles and Sigma grasp, Not dealing with Spam damage.

Throwing: Intentionally letting your team lose because your pride is too high for you to try to save the game. Don't throw or I will find you and throw you out of the window.

pick/swap: Changing heroes.

One-trick: Players that played a hero too much that they can't play anyone else. Extremely skilled or extremely bad in that hero. Try to play around them since there is no point in them swapping. Don't be a one trick either.

Personal callouts

To call out something happening to you, I.e you need healing or you're being flanked. Say Your character name and speak in third person. I'll use Moira and Ana here.

-Your Moira needs healing
-Monkey on your Moira
-Your Moira is going to ult
-Your Ana is reloading

And that was everything I could think of. Thanks for reading and let me know what I forgot. I hope this helped you.


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