Announcing the inaugural run of PECO’s Adopt a College!

Heyo r/owuni!

Been a while since I’ve posted on this subreddit, but as u/The_Realth pointed out a few days ago I’ve just started making Overwatch content again and have some cool things in the works… or at least things that I think are cool. Your mileage may vary 😛

Today though, I’d like to introduce the "Adopt A College" program that I’ve been working on with a few of my friends from my OWL days. If you’re familiar with the "Adopt a Bronze" thingy I did on stream a while back this will probably be self explanatory with only a few minor changes. Essentially, we’ve invited two colleges to participate in a special coaching program: The University of Texas at Dallas, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

We’ll be coaching these teams and tracking their improvement throughout the season. Coach Tikatee will be working with UTD’s team while Coach Deadly will be working closely with UCLA’s team. These teams are both competition focused, so we can’t stream every session, but we’re going to be making a video a week at minimum with these teams showing what we're doing and how it's going. Hopefully, those videos will have some good stuff in there for you, or your team.


We also have something special planned for the conclusion of the program at the end of April, but since it’s still in the works I’m going to keep that quiet for now and try not to leak it 🙂

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This is all part of a new initiative that I’m working on with Aero, who you might know from Dallas Fuel and Team USA. The organization is called PECO, and because I suck at naming things, that stands for “Professional Esports Coaching Organization.”

I know that “Inventor of Esports” is a massive meme in the community, but meme or not, I still want to help facilitate growth in the collegiate esports scene and provide a resource that schools can depend on when looking at the esports field.

UCLA and UTD will be the first schools selected for our team coaching, and we'll continue to provide these resources to any school serious about improving their esports programs in the future, or students and faculty who want to start a program of their own. This is all pretty primordial, but if you’re interested in more check out our website, or reach out to me directly.


Good luck to our coaches and good luck to the colleges!

Actual announcement video:

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