Anyone else going on long losing streaks after really bad RNG?

Content of the article: "Anyone else going on long losing streaks after really bad RNG?"

Lately I've been playing OW more frequently but it seems that every single time I play, my teammates are just awful. For reference, I play high silver/low gold, but usually queue with friends in plat like 90% of the time, so in terms of game sense and mechanical skill I'd say I'm there. This is evidenced by the fact that whenever I solo queue, or, last season at least, I would go on 7+ winning streaks, I went from 1600 to 2100 with relative ease in like 2 weeks since my normal lobbies were usually 2600+, and I'd learned to hold my own there.

But lately, since this season started, whenever I load into a game, I have miserably bad teammates. In 3/5 placement matches, I had a level 25 ball who would feed a lot, and it was a different person each time. I've had tanks that go dive comps with no comms almost every single game, it's ridiculous. I dropped 200 SR, and every single game I played I would net over 16,000 damage pretty consistently, get key picks, and overall heavily sway the fight in my team's favor, but I inevitably die once and everything is over. I had an Eichenwald game where I died 4 times in total but we lost because the second time I died, my Dva, Hanzo, and Mercy lost a fight to an ana and a mercy. These 3 teammates of mine lost the fight to an Ana. And a Mercy. The same Ana and mercy I would 1v2 and kill every fight before that.

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Overall they seem incapable of winning anything without me hard carrying them. My last placement was on Volskaya, and the only fights we won were the ones I got 3k+ with my dragonblade, and that game lasted 5 rounds so let's just say I wasn't doing poorly at all. We lost at the end, and that game was so bad for me that the DPS and supports on the enemy team messaged me afterwards saying that I shouldn't have lost that game, and that I got unlucky with my teammates.

In seasons past, it was pretty normal to have a game or two like that, where your team just makes it impossible for you to win. I don't believe in elo hell since anyone who's good enough could climb out, but recently these games have been something else. This isn't an isolated incident either, it's been this way since the season started.

It's really frustrating, I think I'll take a break from this game for a week or two and hopefully all the level 10 balls will have filtered down to bronze by then.

Thoughts? Anyone else experiencing this as well?

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