Are my mercy stats considered good or bad?

Content of the article: "Are my mercy stats considered good or bad?"

Last time i posted here about my mercy stats for advice. My win rate was 47% and healing per 10 was 8k and damage amp'd per 10 min was 1.7k . I feel like ive improved so much since the last time and now my final stats of season 25 for mercy is 57% win rate. death 3.78 % healing per 10 9k. damage amp'd 10 min 1.9k. I know my healing is a little on the low side, should be around 10 or 11k per 10 but i mainly focus on damage amp when i'm playing mercy and mostly focus damage boosting and only healing when its needed so i don't really care if i get a silver medal in healing in a game as mercy so i aim for around 2-3k damage amp a game but please dont think coz i dont care about getting gold medal in healing that i dont heal my team haha. I do heal my team. I usually have gold medal but if i check that my tanks are in good health by my other healer then i will just stay with my dps and if my other healer needs help with healing then i'll fly over to help then when they are healthy again, i'll go back to my dps. My highest damage amp a game was 4.5k and i'm pretty proud of that. My season high was 2571 in plat. Ive always been stuck in high gold but i feel like ive improved so much and i finally got out of gold into plat now i'm looking forward to this season to get even better and climb higher hopefully haha. I would love some advice oh how i could improve too. I personally think i'm pretty good at positioning so the enemy cant see me. I took a big tip from moth when he plays mercy where if you can see the enemy, they can see you and you should be in a better position. I know how to superjump but i'm on controller on ps4 so i sometimes mess the timing up but i'm pretty confident in my superjumps. The only thing i lack in is my rez timing and knowing when to rez, who to rez , ult tracking and when to use my valk. I also kinda suck at knowing whih support to play when i have a comp that doesn't really work with mercy so ive started to learn to play baptiste or ana if i have a team comp that doesn't fit well with mercy. I sometimes wonder why i'm not climbing as i see other mercy mains who are in diamond and i check their stats and their healing per 10 is 10k which is good but then i scroll down and i see their damage boost per 10 min is maybe only 500 and i wonder to myself, how did they reach diamond when they are only healing? What am i doing wrong? I think i play very well. I watch mercy streamers every single day and learn from them so i question myself if maybe i'm just a bad mercy haha

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