Awareness/Gamesense Beginner Guide – and a little mindfulness!

Content of the article: "Awareness/Gamesense Beginner Guide – and a little mindfulness!"

Awareness and Gamesense are some of the toughest topics to tackle in Overwatch in my opinion. I have personally avoided addressing them in my videos about improving in Overwatch and focussed more on simpler topics (e.g. tank guides and VOD reviews).

But now, I have finally decided to do the hard thing and commit. I can't do it all in one sitting, but so far, here's what I made:


First and foremost, Google defines Awareness as: knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

In my opinion, Overwatch can be described as a game in which you are asked to make the most of an incomplete set of data. You don't have a map HUD like many other popular games and such. Thus, somewhat limiting our knowledge and perception of the game.

We rely on what information we can gather from looking at our screens, the tab key and if we're lucky, teammates that are willing to cooperate (Who am I kidding right?😂🤣)

The more information we have, the better our decision making will be. But…the rate at which we gain information from a team fight is ridiculously quick.

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Something like driving a car through gale force winds having to swerve as house sized objects are constantly and randomly thrown at you.

Here's a list of SOME things we need to be able to do in a single team fight:

We need a good understanding (a.k.a. knowledge) of our characters strengths and weaknesses (e.g. mobility, HP, short-range or long-range effectiveness). Our role within the team comp (e.g. Main healer, flex healer, main tank, off tank, flex dps etc). Strong knowledge of our cooldown abilities and timing. Most importantly, how, and when to use our ultimate ability. In addition to this, we must have a secure understanding of the enemy team comp’s strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of your immediate counter’s. A good understanding of the enemy team’s ultimates and possible combo’s.

After all this, it's no surprise I find myself sitting tense, feeling panicked and overwhelmed whenever ultimate abilities begin being thrown around. I really suffer from tunnel visioning on the objective whenever these situations occur.

Recently though, I began using my mediation and mindfulness techniques during matches too. Just focusing on my breathing really helps me detach and not be so emotionally invested in the game. Going back to the definition of awareness from google, I find that staying emotionally detached allows me to process about the team fight faster and increase my perception of the flow of the fight. I tend to use my ultimate more proactively and quickly decide when it's a good idea to back away.

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It really does help with not being toxic to my teammates too. I can dispassionately click my mouse and press my keyboard without being overwhelmed by the high pressure scenarios of these team fights.

This is a quick summary of the more elaborate video above. I hope someone here finds some value to do their research on the topic too. Thank you if you read this far, let me kno if there's anything you agree or disagree with 😊

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