Best player at every hero- one year later

Last year I listed who I thought was the best at every hero. Let’s see how those picks hold up now that we have another season of OWL under our belt.


  • Previous pick: Fury

  • New Pick: Fury

Not much change here. He’s been the best Dva since 2018, though after S3 Void has made it closer than anyone else has before.


  • previous pick: Gesture

  • new pick: Smurf

Smurf is as much better at horse than everyone else as Gesture was in 2018.


  • previous pick: Mano

  • new pick: Super

Tbh, Super was probably the correct answer when I made the original list.


  • previous pick: Choihyobin

  • new pick: Gesture

Gesture has the best right click aim ive ever seen on hog. I might have picked Jjanu had he still been in OWL.


  • previous pick: Void

  • new pick: Crong

I feel kind of vindicated on this pick. Because when I picked Void, people told me it was recency bias and Marve1 was the only choice. While I still think both are great, Crong was even better.


  • previous pick: Guxue

  • new pick: Fearless

I do think Guxue still has the potential. But after last season it’s impossible not to pick Fearless or Smurf. While I’ll probably catch flack for not picking Smurf, Fearless’ unmatched primal mechanics give him the edge.


  • previous pick: Sinatraa

  • new pick: Decay

Controversy aside, Decay would still be my pick for best Zarya even if Sin was still in OWL.


  • previous pick: Carpe

  • new pick: Carpe

This is probably the pick I’ll get the most flack for, but I urge anyone to go back and watch the summer showdown. There’s a lot of great options, but Carpe’s ability to open fights is why I chose him.


  • previous pick: Saebyeolbe

  • new pick: Edison

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I picked SBB because he’s the only player that recently had success in OWL on him, I’m picking Edison for the same reason.


  • previous pick: Sp9rk1e

  • new pick: Sp9rk1e

Blase played the best Doomfist in OWL last season, but Sp9rk1e still has shown the best Doomfist play overall.


  • previous pick: Haksal

  • new pick: Sp9rk1e

Sp9rk1e elevated Genji play to an insane level. He is to Genji what Striker is to Tracer.


  • previous pick: Erster

  • New pick: Profit

Since Erster had pretty much a non-existent year and Profit just continued to get better at the hero, this one became a no-brainer.


  • previous pick: EQO

  • new pick: Birdring

EQO didn’t play any Junkrat this season, so even though he was great in 2018, it’s hard to compare him. This also goes for Profit who was my other consideration. Birdring and Ivy are the new standouts, with Birdring getting the edge.


  • previous pick: Decay

  • new pick: Decay

This one really hasn’t changed due to not seeing a lot of McCree after the initial meta. Decay was still the most impressive at that time, followed by Kai, Babybay and Xzi.


  • previous pick: Ivy

  • new pick: Ivy

This guys walls were unmatched. Rascal came the closest, and I could see arguements for him as well.


  • previous pick: Dding

  • new pick: Profit

I still think Dding was the best Pharah we’ve seen. I know people discount him because he’s weaker in Pharah duels than players like Nero or Jinmu, but outside of that the guys on a higher echelon. Since he’s not in OWL I considered Jinmu, but Profit probably had the most dominant Pharah last season, even if I think Jinmu has better mechanics.


  • previous pick: Heesu

  • new pick: Striker

I’m not really sure on this one. I just remember Striker being good. But I could see Ivy or Lip or even still Heesu

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Soldier: 76

  • previous pick: Corey

  • new pick: Xzi

Obviously Corey isn’t in OWL anymore, and we really only saw a week of Soldier to pull from. I guess Xzi was the best. But this could be any hitscan.


  • previous pick: Doha

  • new pick: Lip

This was before Shanghai really started to dominate in large part to Lip’s Sombra. This one is close between him and Heesu, but Lip dominated all year.


  • previous pick: Xzi

  • new pick: I honestly don’t know. I remember someone being good, but can’t think of who.


  • previous pick: Striker

  • new pick: Striker

Just like Fury on Dva, Striker has remained the best player on his signature hero since season 1.


  • previous pick: Carpe

  • new pick: Carpe

We only had one Torbjorn meta recently, and Carpe stood out during that brief period.


  • previous pick: Happy

  • new pick: Diem

This one has to be between Diem or Decay. Either are correct picks imo.


  • previous pick: Alarm

  • new pick: Alarm

This pick became even more correct after last season. The only other player who can hit sleeps like him is Kariv, and the only person whose mechanics outside of that match him is Twilight. He’s like a combination of the two.


  • previous pick: Rascal

  • new pick: Viol2t

Wow, this was before supports played Bap. Viol2t is the obvious pick, but Shu and Alarm are right up there.


  • previous pick: Leejaegon

  • new pick: Leejaegon

At the risk of sounding smug again, I got a lot of flack for pick LJG last time and was told it was due to recency bias. But after last season I don’t see how it can not be him. Alarm is a good option as well.

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  • previous pick: Moth

  • new pick: FunnyAstro

Looking purely at individual skill at the hero, it has to be Astro, FDGod or LJG. (Though I do think Moth is still the best overall MS). Out of those three, it could be anyone. But with Ansoonjae saying it’s Astro being recent in my brain I decided to pick him.


  • previous pick: Yveltal

  • new pick: Moth

It was probably last time I made this list as well. But I was trying too hard to force player diversity. Yveltal is still great though.


  • previous pick: Viol2t

  • new pick: Alarm

This one is hard to be definitive on, but I remember Alarm being surprisingly impressive on her last year.


  • previous pick: Jjonak

  • new pick: Viol2t

Just following the times. Though I don’t think the gap between these two is as hard as the consensus is.


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