BlizzcOnline 2021 Wrap-up


Disclaimer: This is a TL:DW, with most of this information coming from the main "Behind the Scenes" panel. It's highly advisable that you find time to watch the videos, as there may be information important to you personally that I may not have mentioned. Links to all the panels and other relevant information are provided at the bottom of the post.

Overwatch 2 (Behind the Scenes)

PVP: New Maps & Role Updates



(Confirmed Hybrid Map)


  • Tanks have damage reduction and enemies shooting at them generate less ult charge.
  • Damage Heroes have a movement speed bonus.
  • Supports have automatic health regen.

Trying to make Tanks more like brawlers than protectors.

  • Example: Reinhardt has two charges of Fire Strike and can manually cancel Charge.

Weapon 2.0 Soundpass: Overhaul to weapon systems, sounds, recoil, and more

: Kit focused around a Rail Gun.

2CP possibly removed in OW2.

The goal is to make "as many as possible; hundreds".

There will be new areas on old maps for Hero Missions, such as King's Row.

Dynamic World changes, such as weather effects & time of day.

Image of potential existing Hero Missions

Hero Mission types: Retrieval ("Grab and Return"), Escape, Holdout

Internal Hero Missions: "Wall of Death", Scavenger Hunt, Kill Quest

Old Talent system shown at Blizzcon 2019 has been "blown out".

Soldier: 76 | Reinhardt


  • Soldier: 76 "Snowplow" build where Biotic Field travels with the player and pushes enemies away.
  • Junkrat duel-wielding Grenade Launchers.
  • Mercy AoE Rez

Enemy combat not engaging enough at Blizzcon 2019.

Units have been reworked and expanded.

  • Breacher, Slicer, Puller, Grunts, Elite Grunts, Artillery/Obliterator

Concept Art: McCree | Pharah | Reaper | Widowmaker | All Four

Tweets: McCree | Pharah | Reaper | Widowmaker

Second Omnic Uprising incoming.

In-game cinematic intros and outros for every mission.

Players' experience going from cinematic to gameplay should be "seamless" and "immersive".

NEW MAP: India

NEW MAP: Toronto

Overwatch League 2021

The 2021 season begins April 16th: https://twitter.com/overwatchleague/status/1363232040032813071

Split into East and West regions:

East East West West
Chengdu New York Atlanta LA Gladiators
Gunagzhou Philadelphia Boston Paris
Hangzhou Shanghai Dallas San Francisco
LA Valiant Seoul Florida Vancouver
Houston Toronto
London Washington

Four tournament cycles + playoffs

  • May Melee
  • June Joust (Hero Pools)
  • Summer Showdown
  • Countdown Cup (Hero Pools)


New 2021 Season Info: Schedule, Tournaments, Prizing, and More

IGN Interview with Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch 2 Press Kit

Source: reddit.com

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