Boys what am I “actually” supposed to do as a tank in gold, enviroment renders all useless.

Today, I come to you after losing about 200 plus sr and falling into silver, which further compunds the issues with the ladder enviroment that makes me want to quit playing so briefly after my return. I don't really use reddit much, so please understand i'm not just here to bitch because I lost a game or two.

Btw, AU player so YMMV, I also don't think I "deserve" any rank either, I just want to play.

I play the entire tank roster (Don't usually bother with ball tho), some of the off healers, and s76 if I need to. I've put in a lot of time over both before and after my quit/return trying to improve at the game by watching vod reviews, constantly questioning my performance instead of blaming team, etc.

I'm going to be straight with you, teammates in gold appear so useless that it makes ELO hell appear real. I know a lot of you love to dispute that, so give me a second: I don't mean "I have X medal I am better at the game than my team" but the enviroment itself.

First, getting people to join voice – let alone listen to calls – has become inherently impossible.
– Getting people to group for a teamfight (even with the rose command spam) is no longer a concept known by most players I find
– The concept of peeling, or any form of target focus is gone from any game.
– The concept of calling a route to travel (think anubis) is gone from any game.
– The concept of attempting to combo any ultimates, or even play for them (push in with really/trans!) is gone from any game.
– Don't even ask about playing around the current state of the fight (play more defensive if you're down healers, etc.
– I don't really care about toxicity, but people seem to want to do that in text, which makes teammates essentially afk, furthermore leaving the VC if they were in it. Being petty and spiteful tends to carry over into the player's next game, creating a real crabs in a bucket scenario.

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Second, a competent tank has yet to appear in any team I've played on unless I've asked it from my duo partner (A DPS main). I'm not sure if it's some form of hidden role matchmaking (open queue only) creating this scenario, but:

Again, no tank will listen or talk in comms, point one. This means no calls for bubble, no calls for dive target, no orisa pull/hog hook combo, no alternating cooldowns to take space, no calls to contest angle, no calls to push or fall back, no calls for ult combo, no calls for tracking, you get the deal.

I'm making calls anyway because I feel like it's one of the most important things to do as a tank player, and it's often the case that i'm saying it to NO teammates because they're not in VC.

Second, and I'm going to use Reinhardt as an example because I consider him one of my better heroes. I mentioned VOD reviews earlier, which discuss all the classics like shield hopping, not wasting barrier, firestrike, firestrike cancel and dueling for charge with enemy tanks, charges, short charges and counter charging, playing corners, the rectangle nature of the hitbox, whatever.

The main post is that the best tanks in gold quite commonly just charge right into the enemy team, miss everyone, and then escape for free due to no target focus. Some of the worst stand still in choke with rmb down until they have fed enough.

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I love the idea of playing some sort of duel against an enemy tank line/Rein, tracking their shatter and mindgaming eachother while also playing for your team and around your Zarya bubbles. It is what really drew me to playing tank in the first place.

I no longer feel like I can get this experience because no matter the skill level of the enemy tanks, it appears so reliant on the queue not throwing you a pile of glue eaters that I feel lost for ideas. Playing on the tank line is very commonly a 2v1, and while many people flex roles (to support) they don't actually know how to play them – and a gold ashe that can't aim, cannot aim as Ana either.

Thus arrives the question for the thread:
I want to play the actual, teambased, skill based overwatch game as a tank.
The gold ladder enviroment makes doing this nigh impossible

While I understand getting up past gold doesn't magically remedy this, how is a tank supposed to climb through this glorified deathmatch so that I could AT LEAST have some people listening to calls in VC?

I'm about to just start playing more solo DPS characters and ignore any form of teamplay, or just quit playing again. I would like to hear what you have to say about escaping this hellscape.

I want to believe that ELO hell does not exist and that you get the rank you deserve. Even with as much personal reflection as I can muster, I can't help but feel like it does after today. Imagine calling to group for the last teamfight of the game and your dps player running into a 1v6 and dying because he is a gold, is not in voice, and doesn't know the basics of a teamfight/staggering. It's crushing, and the system assumes you are now worse at the game because of it.

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