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Today I'll be showcasing a Succinct and Condensed Guide based on a Review of Masters Team '1Trickers' playing in a Brawl mirror. If you prefer learning things Visually > Textually, here's the Full Review/Brawl Guide: https://youtu.be/ivzJIZ14K8E

There's a lot that's covered (As you'll see by the timestamps at the end) but one key and fundamental aspect of Brawl is To SYNC Reinhardt's Frontal Pressure With McCree Taking a Soft-Flank. There's Three Aspects to nailing this down which I dub 'S.S.S.'

Syncing Reinhardt + McCree – S.S.S.

  • Split
  • Sync
  • Speed


  • When Pushing in, McCree and Reinhardt should (Typically!) not be stacked ontop of eachother. Splitting Away from Reinhardt as McCree onto a soft off-angle can allow you to do 2 Main Things:
  • Split Focus: This Allows your Reinhardt to push in deeper whilst attention is being baited elsewhere on the frontline
  • Meaningful Damage: The Soft Off-Angle should give you an opportunity to do more meaningful damage (I.E. Get Kills/Damage Heroes) as not only do you have a sightline onto the enemy team past the shield, but also the enemy team will be looking at your Reinhardt, and not you as McCree
  • Exceptions: Only Stack on Reinhardt as McCree if you are planning to Flash and Rush the Reinhardt down, or if their Reinhardt has severly over-extended/You think you can punish the Reinhardt
  • Splitting Too Far: Try not to split too far, especially against Dive compositions, but even in a Brawl mirror, a D.Va/Opposing McCree will have an easier time dealing with you
  • Examples: Lijang Night Market Retake, Havana 1st Point Attack Close Spawn Hold
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  • Seemingly obvious, but McCree and Reinhardt need to time and sync their pressure – If not, McCree will either engage and get forced out since Reinhardt is not baiting attention, or Reinhardt will be under severe pressure when engaging without McCree


  • Many teams will often have an extremely aggressive and rushed playstyle – In this instance, and with the Team 1Trickers, a common issue was with players refusing to spend some time to regenerate cooldowns and match tempo with their team before they push in (Hence it became desynced)
  • For instance, Reinhardt not spending time to Regenerate his shield => Pushes in with Half Shield => Has to Back Out Immediately => Indecisiveness

Thanks for reading! Again, the FULL GUIDE containing the concepts down below, visual examples, and a bit of micro/macro for every hero involved! If you play for a Team and would like to have a VOD review, feel free to DM me!

Time Stamps:
00:00 Spilo Collab V2
00:13 Baptiste Backline L.O.S.
01:25 Damage Heal Doubles Utility
02:03 Early Mistimed Zarya Projected Bubble
02:32 Mei Misses Wall 4Head
03:29 VITAL McCree Mistiming Pressure With Reinhardt
05:20 Avoid Flicking Reinhardt Shield
05:52 Late Baptiste Regenerative Burst x Awkward Immortality
07:07 Bubble Cycling To Maintain Energy as Zarya Between Fights
07:54 Escaping When Rein Dies or Trading Immediately
08:27 Binary Nature of Reinhardt
09:35 Basic Ebb x Flow/Push x Pull
10:14 Mei Wall + Pin + Flashbang Strategy
11:26 Lucio Micro Managing/Enabling McCree To Take Off-Angle w/ Speed
12:36 Matrixing Off-Angle Pressure/Zoning A Lane
13:39 Surefour Quote: "If You Think During a Teamfight, You've Lost"
14:00 Bad Ebb x Flow/Play To Live
15:20 Mei Walling To Block L.O.S. x Awkward Cryo
16:16 Playing Extremely Fast Vs Playing Extremely Slow – Choose One!
17:37 Reiterating Matrixing Off-Angle Pressure So McCree Carries
18:00 GENIUS Rotation To Flip The Map – Enemy Have 0 Map Control
20:40 Class A Map Control

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