Brig the best choice when facing the Grim Reaper

Full disclosure: My SR perpetually remains in the 2400-2600 range so this probably does not apply if you're high ranked. However I would easily be 3000+ if I got to face a reaper every time! Also I'm a new player with only two seasons in.

For healer I main Mercy and supplement with Lucio. But when I notice that the other team is running the Reaper I switch to Brig even in the absence of another main healer. I switch as soon as I see Reaper, usually to the audible groans of my teammate until the game gets underway. Those matches always end with accolades and mea culpas from the haters.

That's because my team ALWAYS wins when facing a Reaper, 100%, and I give Brig all the credit for this because she essentially makes it a 5 V 6 battle. And while other characters counter Reaper, Brig is the better choice for the following reasons:

1) Reaper's main purpose is to stealthily destroy supports and others in the back line. By having a fighter who can deal with him back there, it frees the rest of the team to forget about that pressure. When that counter is a healer it creates tons more space and value for the other support and the two DPS who never have to deal with him.

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2) For numerous reasons involving their respective kits, a patient Brig with decent pacing duels down Reaper in 1v1 better than any other counter. Long range fighters like Pharah have the obvious advantage of being out of Reaper's reach, but then again he can just phantom away into a cave somewhere and escape out of sight. With Brig there is no escape as long as you keep a close eye on where his ghost spirit buggers off to, a much easier task at close range, and very easy to follow and shield-bash again.

3) Nobody has a quicker and more reliable stop for death blossom than a shield bash. He dies instantly as the whole team he was planning to kill jumps him at once. McCree's flash is good for this as well but he must much more accurate with his timing. Since shield bash provides cover for Brig as well, she takes no damage and thus has a longer window to shut it down. McCree must act on "Die!" but brig's window of opportunity extends through all three "Die! Die! Die" even if he's in her face. Thus even if Reaper gets a quintuple kill, he will never get the last person, Brig, who will then punish him harshly for his crime, giving the team a number advantage when they scramble back. It puts reaper way out of step with the rest of his team no matter what happens and you start seeing orange "stop feeding!" text the reaper usually doesn't have to be subjected to from his team.

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4) Many if not most Reapers do not seem to be aware that they should switch IMMEDIATELY when encountering a Brig. To anything else really. Instead they get tilted, start trying to take down Brig first, and get wacked over and over.

5) Most importantly, having a healer on the team who reliably stops the enemy DPS every time creates additional value and space for the team that make up for anything Brig lacks in the healing department. It's a situational pick but the best one for the Grim Reaper situation.

This can also be used to shut down Doom Fist if he is insistent on attacking the back line, although Doom has a much better chance to escape from Brig and blast away, but she can still shut down most of his value and bash/destroy him on every meteor strike.

I'm always surprised that Brig is not mentioned as a Reaper counter on any ranking I can find.


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