Can Poor Overwatch Performance Be an Indicator of Mental Disabilities?

Hello there. I've been playing Overwatch for improvement for about a year now, and I'm convinced that I'm the world's worst Overwatch player. And that's not an exaggeration. I'm nearly level 400 ingame and I find myself among the bottom 300 players according to Overbuff. My peak SR is 1202, and if that sounds bad to you just wait until you hear that I'm usually around 400 below that. Yes, when many of you think SR you may think of a four digit number but I think of a three digit one and even there I struggle to make an impact. Surely I'm better than people who just started playing and are level 1 though, or at least I hope I am. But by level 25 most people entering competitive go straight to gold. So I count myself as worse than level 1 players because they have way more potential. I'm the world's worst investment of Overwatch coaching -> skill.

So when people who found out that WASD makes you move and are playing blindfolded with a trackpad are rolling me, you'd wonder what my issues are. SURELY no one can be that bad, right? There's got to be some outside factors! Framerate? Nope, I have an R5 3600 and a 1650 Super, I run the game without any lag. Sensitivity? My sens is 7 with 800 DPI, higher than some people but not ridiculously high. New? As I said I have played about 400 hours of Overwatch and have played 350 of those dedicated to improvement which I'll get to in a bit.

So for my FPS history: I've played PC games for ages now, but mostly story based games and looter shooters like Warframe and The Division. I sucked at all of them lol, I struggled with Doom 2016 on easy mode. There's a game called Prey which has a story mode which is easier than easy mode for people who just want to enjoy the story and I struggled on that too. Other genres were a similar story. I played some competitive FPS games like CSGO and R6S but quite casually. Among them was Overwatch: I just played quick play for loot boxes essentially and didn't worry about skill. I played for about 50 hours before moving away from Overwatch for a bit.

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At the end of 2019 I decided enough was enough and that I wanted to learn to play video games properly. And I selected Overwatch because it was one of my favorite games. So I started watching tons of Overwatch guides and high level gameplay (and continue to do so). I received plenty of VOD reviews. Around mid-2020 I started getting coaching from a very generous plat player for free. I'd say I improved. This time last year I thought that maps were essentially just for decoration. I charged down main lane every time and shot shields. I never understood concepts like using natural cover or flanking or even moving while shooting. But even after learning about those things I still lack fundamentals to this day. I have maybe 600-800 hours in competitive shooters total, 400 of which are in Overwatch, and around 2k hours in all shooters put together. And listen, I get that's not much compared to what many of you have. But it's not enough to justify the way I play currently when FPS newbies can easily get gold.

So I'm at a stage where I've put in tons of work into getting better at FPS games but I'm still way behind what 99% of people know intuitively. It's been about a year and I'm starting to get discouraged. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to climb. And Overwatch has caused me to question one thing, which is if my brain even operates normally.

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So I already know that I'm way behind normal human capability even after a year of work. So I try to think about what things I'm good at to see what areas I'm doing well in. But here's the thing, I can't think of anything I'm even average at. You might think that everyone has a talent. But nope, not in my case. So that contributes to my suspicions.

I'm clearly lacking critical thinking skills based on the way I play. And I'm learning much slower than others do. So the question is if I'm even capable of learning at all. The more I think about it the more likely it seems that the cause of my terrible performance in Overwatch is some sort of mental disability.

I'd like to ask you about possible underlying causes that could prevent me from doing well in Overwatch. I'm tired of feeling inferior to the rest of the Overwatch community but I am almost convinced at this point that there is some sort of issue. It's possible I lack some important skills in general that prevent me from getting better. As much as I hope that that isn't the case, because that means I can never climb, it would be good to know. Does my poor Overwatch performance demonstrate some sort of disability?

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Thanks for the help!

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