Can someone give me an abstract, low-level description of what my job is in each role, and how I know whether I’m doing a good job?

So I haven't played a shooter since Bioshock Infinite and haven't played a multiplayer / team shooter since the original Unreal Tournament was still a thing. Just to establish where I'm coming from. I'm also not really aiming to rise through the ranks and get as high as I can – I don't have the time to play like 5 hours a day, and I'm not really a super competitive type.

That said, I've watched tons of Overwatch content on youtube and Twitch over the past few years, I like the world and the characters, and yesterday I had some spare time and I decided to get the game, jump into a custom game and try out all the heroes and maps and stuff, then I played vs. AI a few times. And what I've noticed is that all these detailed, top-level concepts and instructions that I've heard a hundred thousand times – soft flank and hard flank, dive, ult economy, peel pressure off your backline, always keep ability X available, use ability Y only on "high value targets" – they actually mean nothing to me. It is pure chaos. Somehow I thought everything would make sense, but it totally doesn't. I've watched probably 10+ hours of guides for every hero that I'm interested in, but those guides are super specific. Like "here's the 3 main ways to flank with Genji in Hanamura, and here's where you're in the most danger on each route, and don't use this one if they have an Ana", things like that. This is detail knowledge that would only be useful to me if I had way, WAY more game state awareness and strategic understanding and so on. But most of the time I really have no idea what I should be doing. I have no game plan beyond "shoot enemy heroes". I'm way way way below the level where I can keep track of a million things at once, so "don't use sleep dart if you know the enemy McCree is close to having his Ult available" does nothing for me. I have no idea if he has his ult. I have no idea if he's close. I probably don't even know where he is. I need some basic directives to start with. 🙂

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So I was wondering, can someone give me an abstract, basic, pretty much ELI5 explanation of what I should be doing as each role? Like, in what situation should I move with my team as a DPS, and in what situations not. Are there targets that I just shouldn't bother with? Do I try to just kill any enemy heroes on the point, or do I for example ignore their tanks and focus exclusively on their support?In what roles do I "dictate the pace" and in what roles do I follow someone else. Like, as D.Va for example, do I advance with the main tank or do I play security for my supports and try to keep enemy DPS away from them? What fights should I engage in and what fights are designed to waste my time / distract me? Or let's say I'm Hanzo and I'm on high ground overlooking the point and 2 enemies just went down so we're now 6-4, do I stay where I am or do I trust my team to handle the situation there and move towards the enemy spawn area to maybe kill one or two of them on their way back?As support, how do I prioritize healing? Off Tank first? Main tank first? DPS first? Do I try to "put out fires" and pull everybody back from the brink of death, or do I focus on 1 or 2 guys and try to keep them topped up and buffed?

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Like really basic instructions. What is my job. When you get angry in a competitive match and yell at the screen "that goddamn Genji / Rein / Mercy isn't doing his job", what is it that they're not doing?

EDIT: In case it matters, purely from a "how fun does this character feel to me" perspective, I've mostly enjoyed D.Va, Hanzo, Widow, Sombra, and Pharah. But maybe the only reason I'm having fun with them is because I'm playing them completely wrong, so I'm willing to learn / work on anything.

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