Climbed from plat to masters as an Ana main, here are some advices that helped me

I mostly play Ana, and sometimes Mercy and Bap. I play only solo and almost never talk in voice (though I listen).

First of all going from 60hz to 165hz monitor helped my aim massively. It felt almost like cheating.

Then I had a problem with aiming where if I am unscoped and want to do a quick flick scope shot on someone I miss because scoped sens is so much lower than unscoped by default.

My muscle memory was all wrong. So I adjusted my scope sensitivity for Ana, and set it to 38. This makes scoped sensitivity equal to unscoped I think.

Huge props to this subreddit as I found this advice somewhere in the comments.

After that I started working on my mechanics and game sense, here's what my most common mistakes were:


What I did wrong: wasn't utilizing my tanks/shields when moving through chokes or through sniper sightlines.

How I improved: walking with the shield if necessary. When the enemy team have snipers and I'm coming late from spawn I try to run while looking in the opposite direction so they can't headshot me (this is useful on Hanamura B attack for example).

I picked it up from widow players who do this all the time in their 1v1 duels/jump shots.

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What I did wrong: not using natural cover, standing in the open.

How I improved: always trying to have cover next to me; rotating to the next safe spot as the fight progresses. Hiding behind a wall while reloading.

Ana is expected to push the cart while the team goes to fight ahead, but you have to start backing up from the cart when the fighting gets there.

Also never stay close to the point on 2cp maps on attack. Heal from afar and this way some of the enemies will have to abandon the point to contest you.

Sleep dart

What I did wrong: wasting SD when not under pressure

How I improved: discipline to reserve SD for enemy ults or self-protection

I was one of those Anas who try to predict enemy Rein to drop the shield by throwing a cheeky SD which 99% of the time is just wasted. So don't spam cooldowns even if you're bored and winning.


What I did wrong: many things, didn't get enough value.

How I improved:

1) Wait till they used bubbles or their shield breaks or you have a clean shot. Don't initiate with a nade. Let them commit, and then you nade.

2) Many times I was underthrowing the nade so it only hit friendly Rein but not the enemy Rein. Just poor mechanical skill.

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3) Some chokes have a sort of archway over them which can be used to purple them over the shield.

4) Don't waste nade to heal someone who is safe/behind cover even if they're critical. Be patient and heal them with shots instead.


What I did wrong: I used to think that my job as a mercy is to get a gold healing medal.

How I improved: Started to dmg boost more and let my other support heal the tanks (unless it's a low heal comp of course).

With dmg boost you shouldn't drop it as soon as your pocket loses 1hp. Help them win their duel first with blue beam, and then heal (unless they're critical HP).

Also don't steal healing if you already have your valk. Let your other supp get their ultimate instead.

These are some valuable tips that helped me, most of them I got on this subreddit and from our cool content creators (esp. thanks to Temporal).

I know I still suck and only 3517, but I was plat 3 seasons ago, so you can definitely climb if you fix the bad habits.

Thought it would be cool to share it. Thanks to all of you!


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