Climbing actually happens pretty fast, LEARNING is what truly takes time

Interested to see how others feel but based on personal anecdote and the experience of some friends in addition to what some top level players and coaches have said, I wanted to share a thought I reached the other day because it may be an important mentality shift for some of you guys. (Also I am on mobile so I apologize for any sucky formatting)

First off, I have been a tank main since Season 2 until last season when I started playing a lot more support because of the current state tank is in. I have climbed from silver to gold as tank, Dps, and in open queue, from gold to plat on all 3 roles and in open queue, and recently hit Diamond on support.

Every time I climbed out of a rank I gained roughly 200 or more Sr in one day of playing and shot up. This is not to say that it didn’t take time, but to say that the actual climb itself happened in a short window of time. I did not play for months and everyday walk away with a +10 Sr average until one day I barely slid into the next tier. The reason I’d get hardstuck in a rank was because I either A) wasn’t playing enough (no, 1 hour a day without a warmup is not enough) or B) wasn’t TRULY playing to learn. (This is the real point of the post)

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When you only play for the win, when your primarily goal above all else is to climb, you can easily flame teammates and get tilted if the game starts to become loseable. Your Sr becomes a number to obsess over, and competitive anxiety can easily set in making you want to play less and less or stress over every single win or loss. You have to remember, YOUR SR WILL DROP SOMETIMES. This is totally ok, and moreso, it is normal. Your enjoyment of the game can not depend on wether or not you win if you are truly on this sub with the intention of getting better. When you begin to improve and learn new skill sets or heroes, your Sr will drop or not change much at all for weeks or months even because you are not comfortable with these new ideas or skill sets. Keep practicing, continue to be a student of the game, and remember that Sr is just a number and the outcome of a few matches does not determine your worth or skill, but that your overall journey and progress as a player does.

If you continue down the path of knowledge you will be rewarded in the end with that next skill tier. Once you’ve mastered that new skill set you’ve been working on you’ll shoot up the ladder. In the meantime, accept each loss after loss with grace, its simply more games you can vod review!

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