Co-tanked for a roadhog who left voice when I asked if he plays anything else. Tried to speak in chat but got no response.

I would like to preface this by saying I didn't get toxic, and we won, but winning required me to branch way outside my normal comfort zone of tanking and I was definitely on fire during the entire last two rounds of Lijiang Tower. The account I played this on is currently 2800.

I started by playing Rein with his hog, unfortunately we went up against a pretty solid Rein/Zarya duo with the full backing of bap/ana hanzo/sym. I pretty much immediately switched to winston(my main) after my first death and had to give up 50% ult. By the second fight the enemy team pretty much had full ultimates and I started feeling like this one was going to be a roll. We somehow managed to take the third team fight as I pressured back line and dipped out when rein/zar came to the rescue. Unfortunately the fourth fight was an easy take back for the enemy team as they ported to tower window and caught my road hog off guard on the wide left flank. They retook point immediately and it was at this point that I asked road if there was another tank he was comfortable playing. His answer? "******* Has left the voice channel" we lost the first point.

I attempted to communicate with the roadhog in text chat but got no response. I decided that if I wanted to win I would need to play my ass off. 2nd point was control room, and I picked zarya so I could try and step up damage for our team and provide much needed bubbles for roadhog who I felt was playing 75% good positioning and 25% bad positioning for the hero. I almost never play road/zarya, which is the first reason this was way out of my comfort zone. When I normally play with Roadhogs I will play sig/rein and try to hold space while road pushes a flank. At first we got pretty hammered by their team. Road ended up going to main choke and directly confronting rein, my first bubble was gone instantly and he just got picked immediately. The enemy team hit 25% by the time we were ready for fight two. I started feeling dread like we were going to lose but I was determined and I think this roadhog figured out how he needed to play now that I was zarya. Fortunately I noticed the symmetra switched to Doomfist, this meant that character was now heavily countered for this point. We took server room and I bubbled road and we got a solid first pick on the doom. Unfortunately rein showed up and finished off the roadhog with the help of an ana nade. I played carefully and backed off, rerouting to the right side with our mcree who was on an aggressive flank. I bubbled him and hit 100 energy with a personal bubble still available. I was able to obliterate their reins shield and their backline with the help of the mcree and we ended up taking the point. I snowballed pretty hard after this, maintaining 100 energy and getting grav two times over the next three fights and bubbling in danger players as we fought. We kept them off the point until the end of the round and took point two.

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Point three was garden, a solid map for road hog. I started feeling pretty confident that we might have this one but I stayed Zarya just so I could supplement damage for the team. We chose to skip going across the bridge which ball usually knocks everyone off of and take the buildings towards the point. Dps rerouted after realizing which way the tanks were going and slowly caught up to us. I peeked the main point and once I got the attention of the enemy I was able to get 40 energy, road earned me another 40 energy and had to back off because the rein started holding the point space and choke. I worked around the side wall with my 80 energy and immediately got a pick on the enemy mcree, bap missed his lamp on cree so I followed up on him next. We were up two and I had a bubble to use as we pushed out the rest of the team. We ended up winning the fight with 4 players up so I pushed bridge to hold that space and hopefully get more energy. By the time the enemy was ready for fight two I had my ult off of a few right clicks. The rein zarya met us on the bridge but reins shield was pretty burnt by the time he hit the choke. I ulted the wall of the bridge choke and pulled the rein and zarya off the edge. We cleaned this fight up pretty quickly. Fight three came and the MT went winston to start picking squishies, one of the dps went reaper for our road hog after I nuked his cree. The swaps worked in their favor and they ended up taking fight three. Fight four we routed through buildings again. Monkey ulted but our ana hit a good sleep and Fortunately I wasn't lasering him. Road hit a good hook off the edge and pulled reaper to his death. Zarya wasted her bubble on sleeping winston which meant I had free reign to destroy their supports again. We took the point after the 4th fight and I had grav again. We were pretty close to winning and as their team was coming through spawn choke I ulted them holding 5 in place. Reaper managed to TP in and ult but he was quickly dispatched with no support. He did manage to trigger OT but it was a lost fight as the winston trickled in followed by the rest of their team. We won the match.

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In the end I think I made some mistakes but I did my best to maximize my value for the team. I was unable to get my roadhog to change and although it tilted me on the inside when he left voice chat, I didn't let it get to me and more importantly I didn't take it out on my team. I just played my character and called my targets. When I hear about characters with carry potential (bap, mcree, Zarya) I start thinking about how much I prefer playing main tank, or hanzo, or Zen/lucio, but playing characters with carry potential can really steam roll a game if done correctly. Road played mostly well, and I can't blame him for playing the character he probably got to 2800 with.

TLDR this was probably the single hardest won match of my career, I legitimately did not think we were going to take a point and hold it from 50% on the 2nd round until 76% on the 3rd round. Finally winning the match with a tank comp I am only familiar with through what I've read and what I've seen in practice.


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