Collegiate Cup Playoffs

Play off bracket for the big collegiate tournament is up. https://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/pc/overwatch/tournament/owcc-spring-2021-playoffs/bracket

While other regional tournaments and leagues exist for some teams, this is the big tournament hosted by Activision/Blizzard, would have been called TESPA before the rename, and is effectively nationals for collegiate overwatch. In this over 300 teams were narrowed down to 24 and seeded over the course of 5 weeks of swiss bracket play, with an additional 8 making it into the playoffs through either the last chance varsity games you may have seen cast on the contenders channel this last weekend or by winning their regional varsity conference. Matches will be played this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully some of those will be casted by the contenders channel again, but if you have a favorite school or just one you’d like to check out there is an 50/50 or so chance they’ll cast their own game if it’s not picked up for a blizzard broadcast. Try to find your school’s esports twitch page (for example here is Northeasters https://www.twitch.tv/northeasternesports ), I’ve found these to consistently be pretty easy to find through searching for the school name + esports on twitter if you’re not having much luck directly on twitch.

For those of you new to the college overwatch scene I’ll make things more interesting by posting a minor tier list as well as some honorable mentions. Maybe we’ll get some fights going in the comments, be they based on scrims and match results or be they simply based on alma mater rivalry.

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Top 3

Northwood, Maryville, Harrisburg. The 1, 2, and 4 seeds respectively. Long time contenders fans should recognize most of the players on these rosters as these three schools are able to field full teams of ex or current contenders players. Northwood beat both Marryville and Harrisburg in the 10 round swiss bracket to give them each their single loss. In the seeding tournament for the 9-1 group Maryville beat Harrsiburg, so we seem to have a clear order of strength. Who’s going to be hungrier this weekend though?

Next Cluster

Bellevue, Ohio State, UC Irvine, and Utah are the 3, 5, 6, and 10 seeds respectively. These are good teams. If any of the teams were going to take down the big 3 and their full contenders rosters these would be the most likely ones to look to. Bellevue notably has the 3 seed so can’t be knocked out early by any of the big 3 and has Robdab a former contenders player, though probably more famous for his time on LG evil. Ohio State has shot up the power curve this year in part due to adding a couple 4.5k peek players to their roster. UC Irvine and Utah both have the distinct honor of having taken down Harrisburg and Northwood respectively in previous playoffs. Will we see one of them or a newcomer accomplish that same feat this season? Maybe even win it all?

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Other Interesting Teams

Northeastern (14) Given that they employee me I should probably say they’re good. Fortunately, they are. A 4.6k tank line with a 4.3k support line is nothing to scoff at. When their Main Tank is on he has some VERY pretty mechanics. That’s not something you hear every day about main tanks. They’ve also recently added a brilliant former contenders coach (That would be me, no I’m not humble). I recommend you pay some attention to this team. Maybe even reach out to said coach if you’re a former or current trials or contenders player yourself and want to go to a school that has a consistently strong Overwatch team and very impressive academics.

Mizzou (24) Tough cookies. These guys finished the swiss bracket 7-3 and then had to battle through a single elimination bracket of 37 teams in order to get the ONLY playoff slot available to a 7-3 team through the standard swiss bracket qualification. Have to respect the tenacity.

Miami Ohio/Redhaws (25) I don’t know why this team chocked in the swiss bracket, maybe they had absences, or just a really off weekend, but this team has Fahzix, former OWL player for the Washington Justice and has always fared well in aggregated collegiate coaches power rankings this season. Regardless, they made it back in by absolutely cleaning up in the last chance varsity wild card this last weekend. Would not be surprised in the slightest to see them take two “upsets” before finally falling to Northwood in the quarterfinals.

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Boise State (11) Looking for some good poke play, be it of the double bubble or the bunker variety? Boise State is happy to deliver. While I do think Irvine will ultimately take them down in the second round it’s not going to be easy. Should be a fun one to watch.


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