Consistently high gold in comp but playing beonze in qp

Content of the article: "Consistently high gold in comp but playing beonze in qp"

I hope I don't sound too complain-y or tilted but I really am unhappy right now.

I've recently gotten back on overwatch. Started off well, but a few days ago, I lost a lot of games in a row due to trolls (actual trolls. Not just calling them trolls for being bad) and now I am playing with bronze (1000sr ish). My comp rank has been consistently high gold. I thought maybe my time off has made me bad… but no, my stats are my career best and I actually rose in rank. Of course, I can do better, but I do think my level is not bronze.

When I played with my friend two days ago, we won a lot of games and ended up playing with plat players. We did well in those games as well. No, I wasn't carried by my friend. He took a longer break than me and was more rusty, but I think we had good synergy and we kept each other positive.

But when I played today alone, it automatically started me off with bronze players. I play all characters depending on the comp but honestly in bronze, nothing works. I play ana to deal and heal, but healing is hard when your teammates are everywhere and can't seem to group up. I change to zen and get one or two kills but my team continues to die. (Yes I do heal). I change to mercy but my team extends too far and we end up dying.

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I like playing qp to chill and not worry about my rank but it's been stressing me to lose so many games in a row. How can I get out of this rut? I really love overwatch and want to play qp for fun, but it's not fun right now. More specific advice would be nice. Not just 'carry with zen'. It's hard to kill 6 people alone with zen. If I could do that, I'd be in GM right now. But I'm just a gold player, so I'm asking for realistic advice. Thank you.

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