Console aiming simple guide ft. My main which is currently Ana :)

I know there’s not a lot of tips and tricks guide for console players and since I’ve been stuck on elo hell bronze for a while I started messing with the settings and noticed a big difference compared to when I was using default settings back then. I know not a lot of people know or even realize these settings exist so I’m gonna try my best to explain every aiming technique and even show an example so far what I know and what I’ve been playing on. So I hope you all paid attention in algebra class 😉

  1. Linear

I mainly use linear for heroes that don’t require much aiming like tracer, bastion, sombra. I know people have a hard time using tracer on console because they don’t set the correct aim technique so for any tracer mains I recommend setting linear and you’ll soon find your aiming will improve a lot better. A little explanation on linear: best for close combat cons: not great at aiming long distance

Settings I use: Sensitivity- 70 H 70 V

aim assist: 80

aim assist window- 35 (I strongly advise you lower this setting to your liking, since it does slow down your aiming so I keep it at 35)

Aim smoothing- 0

Aim assist ease- 20

Aim ease in- 45 (this setting was made for linear since aiming is a bit wobbly so tune it to your liking I just keep it as 45)

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Aim tech: linear

Reticle: this is your choice but I use crosshairs

  1. Exponential

1st aim style released for overwatch and most popular aim style used in games like cod where you don’t require much movement. This aim style is probably not suited for a game like overwatch since you do have to make a lot of movement. This setting is used for scoped in heroes so the only heroes that could benefit from this aim style would be Ana and widowmaker since they’re snipers. As for Ashe, I’m not sure if she’s a sniper it could work but I use dual zone for Ashe because her character does need movement and since she’s mid range this setting may or may not work for her. The reason I would choose this over linear for my main is because linear goes for 0 to 100 real quick and exponential gradually increases. Basic explanation: good for long distance cons: bad for close combat and movement.


Sensitivity- 65 H 65 V

Aim assist- 80

aim assist window- 25 (let me explain why) The reason this setting is so low is because I got a tip from a widowmaker main in console and they said between 20-25 is perfect for sniping since the aiming slows down at the body and you can land better shots than when the aim assist kicks in before hitting a player. But I leave it at 25 since I still need more practice.

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Aim assist ease- 20

Aim smoothing- 0

Aim ease in: 38

Aim tech- exponential

Reticle: crosshairs

  1. Dual zone

Default setting for every console. I leave dual zone for heroes that require movement like Ashe and mccree. Dual zone is like linear but slower but better precision. What dual zone lacks is slower aiming but more precise shots. Explanation: best setting best precision best movement cons: similar to linear but aiming is slowed down. You can use this for snipers but aiming will be a lot faster and I use to miss shots all the time with this so I used exponential for sniping. You can dominate matches with default setting by tuning the other settings.

What I use for this:

Sensitivity: 60 H 40 V

Aim assist- 80

Window size- 30

Assist ease in- 20

Ease in- 45

Aim technique dual zone

Reticle: crosshairs

Thank you I hope this helps 🙂


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