Contenders China S2: Season Playoffs Primer – Time Resume

Contenders China's playoffs are upon us and the six participants have been decided. Before the games begin on October 14th I thought it would be a good idea to go over the teams taking part, how they got here, the players from each team that we can expect to shine and where they can realistically expect to finish.

Please note that while I'm going to discuss how the teams have looked throughout the season, players that I mention by name are going to be ones that stayed on their teams' respective rosters through the end of the season. As much as I would want to hype up some early-season performances by certain DPS players it simply wouldn't be as relevant, as these posts are going to be how the teams look heading into the playoffs.

Instead of cramming them all into one post, I've decided to make one post for each team. Seven days until matches begin, six teams to cover. Thought it made sense and will hopefully be a better read for whoever is interested.

Time Resume

As expected from the start of the season Time Resume end the regular season as the best of the crop of teams promoted from Trials for this season, coming into the playoffs as the regions' 5th seed. What did come as a surprise is that they managed it while drawing even with China's most storied Overwatch organisation The One Winner in the standings with 55 points each, losing out to T1w through tiebreakers.

Time Resume end the regular season breaking far clear of the other Trials-promotions with an overall record of 7-7, going 22-24 in maps for a map differential of -2.

The team would become a late contender to the 4th overall position in the region with a surge in performance in the last couple of weeks of Regular Season 2 coinciding with a slip in form from The One Winner around the same time. Though Time Resume have failed to take a single map win away from the region's top three – the region's Overwatch League academy teams – they would succeed in igniting one of the region's more interesting rivalries heading into the post-season.

Fittingly, The One Winner and Time Resume will face off against each other in the first round of the playoffs to bring this rivalry through to the knockout stages.

Star Players

It's become a genuine challenge to single out a few players from this team when over the course of the season they've become a solid unit in pretty much every position. A player who has been extremely consistent for Time Resume since the very start of the season is the team's flex support (and player manager) Chen "Mightylord" Guanru. A player fairly new to the role to start the season Mightylord quickly proved themselves to be a very aggressive flex support player, constantly generating windows of opportunity and overall being a fantastic play-maker for the team. Lovely offensive Biotic Grenade usage on Ana, clutch multi-kills on Baptiste and always a very solid presence on Zenyatta, Mightylord was key in the double shield and double-flex support compositions that Time Resume would lean on – and look very good on – throughout the season.

Yun-hyeok "Helevedand" Lee came onto the squad very late in the season, a result of Time Resume's revolving door of DPS players over the weeks, but showed right away that they are both a mechanically skilled player and very intelligent in-game. Usually finding themselves on Tracer, Ashe and Soldier: 76, Helevedand at times feels like the only player getting opening picks to start fights off. This is through even more than just leaning on their mechanics though, they seem to have a great awareness for what the opposing team's game plan is. It's not uncommon at all to see Helevedand securing a very quick elimination onto a member of the opposing team's back-line, jumping quickly in behind them just after they begin their rotations.

Time Resume's tank-line was as close to a weakness as the team had for a short spell, but the duo of off-tank Hyeong-ju "pressure" Jung and main tank Won-bin "akcheon" Seo would start finding their rhythm towards the end of the season. Both would improve with every game Time Resume played and akcheon's new-found confidence on Winston would open dive up as a viable composition for the team to explore. Off-tank player pressure would become most key in the late-season success that the team would enjoy, becoming a true threat on Zarya and D.Va with constantly great ultimate usage with the former and incredibly smooth and effective peel with the latter.

As is befitting a team competing for fourth place I really think that this is the fourth-best tank-line in the region currently, even over The One Winner's tank-line with their main tank unfortunately struggling. There's no doubt that the talent is there for this team.


I think a lot of parallels can be drawn between Time Resume and the First Fabulous Fighter team from the previous few seasons. Both teams joined Contenders by winning Trials and spent a time as a bottom-of-the-standings team before starting to claw their way up to best-of-the-rest status with just plain all-round solid gameplay. Funnily enough, both teams arrive at that point via. a rivalry with The One Winner.

That fourth place should really be what Time Resume are aiming for here. The team lack the capability to threaten any higher than that, but there's no doubt that that best-of-the-rest position is up for grabs here. The lower bracket run will be crucial for Time Resume as a win against T1w will immediately put them up against Bilibili Gaming.

The most likely bracket for this tournament will involve Time Resume and The One Winner facing off twice to eventually decide that fourth place spot in their second meeting. Though the two teams started the season with their respective stories separated, they've ended the year very much intertwined. Seeing a rivalry finally coming to a head when it matters the very most is always fun and hopefully this one won't disappoint.

Time Resume punched above their weight this season, always a great thing to see. Let's see how far they can go with it.


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