Contenders EMEA Power Rankings

Disclaimer: The intent of this post is just to give some information, hype, enjoy and have fun with the T2 scene. All the infos are personal thoughts and shall be treated as such.

Since today EU/EMEA Contenders starts (as well as NA), I'd like to have fun with the community into rankings teams and give an overall opinion on the EU Contenders Season 1.

Let's dive into it, shall we?

Tier S: British Huricane
Tier A: Y&B – Raspberry Racers – New Kings
Tier B: Shu's Money Crew EU
Tier C: Ex Oblivione – Sheer Cold – Old and Bored

British Hurricane: The returning champions with a complete new roster. They have grabbed the best that was left in the scene after the whole team has been promoted to London Spitfire. They are the force every team will have to deal with if they wanna win this year.Sparkr in Contenders until elegible for OWL is a huge plus, he legitimately smurfs in Contenders.

Player to look out: Vestola. The rising OT star has arrived to the best EU contenders team, will lift his game up to the expectations?

Y&B: They are back with a super team made of ex OWL talent plus a pair of young players. On paper they have so much potential and they should take over this contender season, but Trials have shown how the EU scene is difficult and full of talent, has been hard to make it through Trials even for ex OWL players with great results in the best competition.

Player to look out: BenBest. Surprisingly, the french MT has not been picked up by any team in the OWL. He decided to join the Kruise's Squad in contenders to proof again that he's OWL materia, will he succeede?

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Raspberry Racers: Obey Alliance has moved to NA and the team is back in its former name. The team is full of well known talent, hungry for victories. With BH rebuilding they have a chance to spice up the competition and, why not, win more this year.

Player to look out: Lethal. Incredible Hitscan player, has make a name for himself last year with Obey Alliance stealing a victory to the Londo… I mean British Hurricane. Will he repeat the sensational performaces of last year leading the Raspberries to the victory?

New KingsFair and square the "nostalgic" EU contenders team. These players have been around since forever in the scene. Their talent is indisputable and their perfect run in the Trials should have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with this season.

Player to look out: Exorath. The Czech Flex Support has really to prove himself this season. Last season in NA with Square One was not great, but now the Zen master has the chance to revive his carrier in this roster. He has been reunited with Dridro so old sinergies could be brought back to life.

Shu's Money Crew EULast season was not great but they have build a really good roster for 2021. Solar (Sauna), Alex, Hades and Sab are really known players and Dannedd is a huge pickup, the only one left in Contenders from BH of last year that has not been promoted to London. Their Trials run has been really good, losing close matches (3-2) against both Y&B and Kings. The roster has so much potential and we will see if they will be capable of reach greateness.

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Player to look out: Dannedd. Couldn't be anyone else. I were thinking on Johny cause he's unproven at this level but Dannedd has been a powerhouse last season and I can't wait to watch him perform in a different enviroment with more responsibilities.

Ex OblivioneLast season was really good for them, they revamped the roster keeping Whitenoise that has been one of the best MT of the scene. Backbone is for sure the stand-out pickup for them during the off-season.

Player to look out: Smex. After performing quite well in the hardest job on earth (coaching Brennon Bren Hook during the off season) the British OT has returning to the EU scene, I'm personally expecting a lot from him, this is his chance to show his talent and I'm really curious.

Sheer ColdThey had a great 2020 Season but they have to face with many retires from their roster and some really hard to replace transfers (Grathen, Backbone). Basically, no player of the 2020 run has been kept on the roster and this leaves me with more doubts than certainties. They are underdogs, but don't forget that they have started last year from the same spot and they end up being the 3-4th team in the region.

Player to look out: Ken. The ex Avoided Flex Dps is one of the most famous players on the roster. With Kraandop and ANJ needs to guide the team through this season.

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Old and BoredNot the best Trials run but they make it and that is what really counts. The roster has interesting pieces ( KAFEEEEEE and AutumnSouls above the others) but leaves me with uncertainty, mostly regarding the frontline. We will see what they are capable of in a more competitive scene than Trials.

Player to look out: KAFEEEEEE. This hitscan player has longly shown how good he is and he's for sure one of the best players on this roster.

Thank you if you read all until this point!What you think about this powerankings? What would you change? What you are expecting from this Contenders season?

Enjoy and support T2!!

PS: Sorry for any ENG mistakes, It is not my mothertongue.


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