Criticisms and suggestions for u/j-specs ‘s anime so far

Hello Mr.Spector,

I must say, your Dallas Fuel anime has them off to quite the strong start. I must ask though, is there maybe not enough build up and character development towards their success? Like come on, the main character beating the 'Big Bad' SF Shock 5 episodes into the season? I will say though, Dallas playing Chengdu in the May Melee really sets up the opportunity for the Hunters to create their 'secretly evil panda boss' story. Having the LA Gladiators miss out on the NA qualifiers kinda hurts their 'Tournament Arc bosses' characterization, so I hope that gets built upon in the June Joust.

Although I have enjoyed your Dallas Fuel anime so far, I'm afraid they are too powerful too quickly, and I'm not sure how you are gonna sustain entertaining character development when they are already rolling teams after 5 episodes. If you ever need help fixing the 'script', I can always pip in with a few ideas. Here are a couple just to give you an idea of what I could bring to the table:

  1. Bring back a Genji meta for my boy Super (you could also add a character to OW that can utilize exploding minecraft beds and building quick nether portals. Super would be very good with that character)
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2) Bring back a Roadhog meta for my boy Gesture

3) Announce Sideshow as Dallas' new hitscan player (I've seen his Cree, very inspirational stuff)

4) There's been a lack of Nori so far, and I think it's only reasonable to ask that Danny Lim has an interview with Nori to see how Nori feels about the OWL anime so far

5) Doomfist is becoming more meta, and I know of only one player who could fill that role expertly. He's a grand finalist, got a 100% map win ratio, and he's a bit unlucky sometimes

6) make it so that every time '!drops' is commented in YT chat, the speed of every character goes up by like 0.0001% (but also don't tell people that this has been implemented, and let OWL viewers slowly question their sanity as they witness teams suddenly speedrunning the longer a map goes with '!drops' spam prevalent)

7) I'm afraid there aren't enough cute catboys in OWL. But that's where Bren and Uncle Egg can come in

Hopefully some of these criticisms and suggestions help inspire you and your team as y'all plan the scripts for the upcoming tournaments.

Sincerely, Ordina Ryred Ditor

On a serious note OWL has been insanely entertaining so far, and every piece of the league has improved massively, and really built off the promise and experimentation last year provided. Keep up the great work!

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Ps. can you stop destroying my pick'ems : (

Pps. When's the kiss-a-homie meta gonna come into effect? There's been a depressing lack of comradery and homie-ness from the teams so far


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