Did I ruin my new account?

Content of the article: "Did I ruin my new account?"


So for a bit of context, I got OW in early September of this year as a lot of my friends play and I was getting tired of Valorant and other similar games. I have a lot of experience with FPS and competitive games and have been playing them for years on PC, I started out by playing COD4 promod. When I got to 25 on my first OW account I went straight to comp and basically learned the game that way, I know it is not ideal but that's how I did it lol.

I have gotten significantly better in both game sense as well as individual hero skill since as I watch lots of content creators online and try to incorporate the concepts as best I can given my Elo at the time (I know GM concepts don't always work at gold/plat). On my main account, I am low to high gold in all roles but do the best with and enjoy support the most. The issue I'm having is I get so frustrated trying to play as a team in gold and actually play OW the way it's meant to be played that I end up not wanting to play after a few games.

I made a second account and had over a 60% win rate getting to 25 mainly solo Qing or doing random duos for the XP bonus, and in my first placement game, I was with all plats and a few diamonds. I thought I did quite well on Ana and was told by my team that I did really well as we won the game due to a few big antis + nanos. After that match, a friend of mine got on and we did our placements together but just had an awful combination of us just having an off day, bad teammates, and stacked enemy teams/obvious smurfs.


I should have just swapped to my old account after the first loss but I said fuck it and kept playing cause I was honestly just having fun with my homie haha. We ended up just having one of those days and won like 4 games out of 14. At the end of the night, my support SR was even lower (1800) than my main account's even though I know I have a higher overall MMR on the newer account (if I'm understanding how these things work lol). For reference, in my first placements ever I placed 2200 solo Qing on support, so the fact that I placed 1900 and sunk to 1800 when I have faaaaar more experience and knowledge now pisses me off to say the least lol…

My question is if I have ruined my chances of climbing with my new account by not getting off after the first bad game and just slamming my head against the wall. The high silver to low gold SR range is absolutely awful and seems to be luck based on whether your team cares or not and is the main reason I made the new account to try to skip that bracket. Now I have zero motivation to try to grind out of silver on another account and I am wondering if I'm just being dramatic, dumb, or both lol. I only have about 20-25 comp games played total on the account, all but one being support so there isn't a ton of data for the game to go off of, but it's still frustrating regardless.

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Any/all feedback is appreciated, I hope you all have a great day!

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