Disaster Survival Guide: Overwatch 2 and the Zombie Apocalypse in a Nutshell

Hello concerned individuals. You're here because you're concerned about disasters. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornados, and other forces of nature. But today we'll be talking about the two most clearly iminent natural disasters on the horizon – the unveiling of Overwatch 2, and the Zombie Apocalypse. This is your pocket guide on how to be prepared for both of these threats.

Overwatch 2 – Everything you Know, Turned to Dust

People are scared of the unknown, and there's nothing we know less about in this universe than Overwatch 2's actual release date. So here we are, with a vague set of information about a new game that we're hoping can carry on the torch of our simultaneously loved AND hated Overwatch game.

Here's a couple things that we know about Overwatch 2.

  • The Overwatch League is going to be playing in April 2022 on an "early build" of Overwatch 2. This means that they'll need to be practicing and becoming familiar with the game for several months at least in advance, and likely some opening of Overwatch 2 to select groups of players so that the pros aren't forced to go and ladder Overwatch 1 after their scrims and matches. It's likely that some sort of beta or closed beta version of Overwatch 2 will come out between December 2021 and Marth 2022, but it's impossible to know exact details, and what this "build" will entail.
  • It's very likely that it's played as a 5v5 game, which each team having one tank, two damage heroes, and two support heroes. The tank heroes are getting modifications and adjustments to make solo tanking fit better, but this could have definite ramifications on gameplay.
  • Many heroes are being buffed and nerfed. It seems like there's a goal to reduce crowd control (CC) abilities in the game, such as Brigitte's shield bash. Even more notably, there's several heroes who might see all-around changes or fine-tuning, and could have significant changes to playstyle. The ones featured in the livestream some months ago probably behave similarly, but others like Orisa who were missing could be changed significantly.
  • New maps will be released, including Toronto, New York, Rome, and Monte Carlo. This includes the new "Push" mode map, where teams fight over control of a robot to push objective carts around.
  • There's going to be the number 2 after "Overwatch" in the game's name. Most groundbreaking.

Now that we got that out of the way, the main concern everyone has is what the heck will happen to the game? What will it feel like? What will happen to my favorite heroes? And all I can tell you is I don't know dude. This is a guide for PREPAREDNESS and SURVIVAL, not for knowing the future. So with that, here's how you can prepare (in all seriousness) for Overwatch 2.

  • Focus on understanding learning. The process of learning and improving as a human being doesn't change, whether it's learning Overwatch, learning in a classroom setting, learning to play an instrument, or practicing starting a fire for a zombie apocalypse scenario. If you can grow discipline and good learning habits in your life, it'll help you improve and adapt when Overwatch 2 comes out, and strangely enough might help you in real life too. Crazy.
  • Focus on understanding the game's philosophy. Every game has underlying principles that define the game. I call these principles the game's "philosophy" – it's studying the existence of the game itself. The philosophy in Overwatch is map control through positioning and timing. This will not change in Overwatch 2. It's the same case in other games, such as CS:GO, or Call of Duty, or even my favorite game – "The Art of War," by the developer Sun Tzu. Using the terrain to your advantage and having angles is a concept used in war throughout all our history. Things like flanks and setting up angles will ALWAYS be relevant, and practicing these concepts in OW1 will most likely serve you well in Overwatch 2 too.
  • Keep an open mind. The game will be different – that's no doubt. Tons of micro details that we currently have in Overwatch 2 could be gone, reduced to atoms. That's why if you're worried about your improvement translating to Overwatch 2, I wouldn't sweat too much about details like perfecting your superjumps, learning Ana set nade positions, learning Roadhog micro, or even learning about specific hero versus hero matchups. That's all vapor. Meaningless. Keep an open mind, because our understanding of the game will develop over time, just as it has for Overwatch.
  • Eat good food and sleep well. Don't stress about it. It'll be an interesting adventure to try out, even if it's drastically different from Overwatch that we know today. Even if you find out that you don't like the game anymore or enjoy it in the same way, life goes on. There's plenty of good food to eat out there until the ecosystem globally crumbles, and plenty of sleep until WWIII.

Zombie Apocalypse – Society as you Know, Turned to Dust

I'm far from an expert in the subject, but dabble in preparedness. Most theory is that a zombie apocalypse would emerge from some infectious condition, whether it be a bacterium, virus, prion, or mutation of some sort. Therefore, there's a couple ways that you can prepare.

Pre-Apocalypse Preparation:

  1. Have stockpiled water and nonperishable food. You need 1 gallon per day per person supposedly, which is a lot of water but we humans do in fact need a lot of water. We also eat.
  2. Have medications, first-aid options, bandages, tools, and utility supplies. This includes disinfectants, prescription needs, nonprescription medicine, bandages, duct tape, a utility knife, a battery powered radio, a flashlight, and your favorite stuffed animal for a decoy.
  3. Sanitation and Hygiene items like soap and towels. Especially towels. According to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a towel is the most important item a hitchhiker can carry.
  4. Important documents such as your driver's license, passport, birth certificate, and latest birthday card may be needed for identification at some point. It's best to bring them.

The Apocalypse is Already Happening, What do I do:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Think through your evacuation route. If you already thought one up beforehand like you probably should have, great. If you didn't, you better do it quickly now. Think through multiple options to get away from infected areas.
  3. I'm not an expert and please don't take the order of this seriously, there's likely more important things to do here first like grab your supplies, but maybe start looking for a weapon. There's pretty low guarantee that firearms would work, so a blunt force weapon or slicing tool are likely your best bet. Especially if they have other functionality. Things like crowbars, machetes, baseball bats, knives, ice axes/picks, shovels, hoes, or hatchets. While these put you closer to the action than you want, any ammunition based weapon would have to be saved for extreme situations when they're close to you anyways, to avoid waste. You wouldn't want anything too heavy like a sledgehammer, because it would compromise utility. A set of armor would be pretty cool, or maybe a shield of some sort, unless it drags you down and prevents escape.
  4. Grab your supplies. From here, my expertise ends, and your hell on earth begins. Have fun.

The zombie apocalypse isn't real, just like the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, and Queen of England. But it's fun to consider the options and think through scenarios of how we'd handle situations like it.


Now you know how to survive the two worst potential disasters known to mankind. Stay strong soldiers. Now onto important links, even if they're more boring.

  • If you want to learn about the process of learning and developing intuition, I've written a guide on it, called "Fantastic Intuition and Where to Find It." While it's technically about intuition, the key takeaways are about how consistent practice can help with learning. There's also tons of stuff you can look up about how to learn effectively.
  • If you want to learn about Overwatch's philosophy and macro understanding, I wrote a guide a while back called "Learn OW's Core Fundamentals for Higher Impact." It covers the most important underlying concepts behind how Overwatch works as a strategy game.
  • If you want to ask questions, the comment section is free. You can also check out my Discord (LINK) or Spilo's Discord (LINK) where I always hang out and love to chat. You'll find me there as Anima. Disclaimer: while I'm a coach, I don't produce content really and mostly just vibe. So have fun.
  • If you want the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Guide for zombie preparedness, it's linked right here (LINK). If you want more zombie apocalypse useful information, it's here (LINK).


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