[EU 2.1k Tracer] Solo Q – My (stacked) team said I was bad for not switching, enemy team replied and said I played good… any advice on this replay code: 451707 ?

Code: 451707 Player: uwu

Extra info if you care to read the drama/rant:

I usually play with team and match chat off as I find it to be really distracting and tilting, coaches + higher ranked players all pretty much say that communication in our ranks is useless, especially in EU, and no one actually offers any helpful advice. Plus I've found that in this rank, everyone's only nice until things start going wrong, then they blame the one person who's actually doing something because the level of awareness these people have is so unbelievably lacking so even if I didn't hear about all those people saying to play without team chat, I'd do it anyway.

Still, I unhid the match chat at the end just to see what my team were saying as I think they were stacked and so was the enemy, they said to report tracer for not cooperating i.e. switching (which isn't even reportable). Although it was a loss, the enemy team replied to my teammate with ''well she f*cked us good'' ''tracer rekt us'' ''gg tracer'', so I'm wondering, what could I have done to help as tracer even more here? I felt like I did everything I could albeit I definitely had some mistakes here and there because well, I'm gold but I made sure to get opening picks to help my team in the teamfights we had, yet it felt like any time I went on a flank away from them they'd just die.

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Sure I could have switched to another hero maybe to help on the frontline more but I'm honestly not very good at other characters and find it quite boring so suggesting that is kinda useless because I know I just want to play one hero sometimes, you can call it selfish and get mad at me for being the issue with this game but anything works in gold and I don't care so much about rank I just want to be good at tracer especially in scenarios where it's hard to play her because it will make me better.

One person on my team in the stack said ''DPS diff'', but after watching the replay back it honestly felt like a tank diff. While I was on a flank, the enemy reaper was able to press W into our team 0 punishment and ult to get a 3k. No cooldown management to protect against his ult orisa just uses pull off cd, ana used her sleep dart before that. Orisa has pull a next time but just uses pull on the reaper right on him while he ulted lol. The same orisa went rein at one point, didn't block a single shatter (which is doable by my silver rein friend so there's no excuse) so the enemy tanks just walked all over my team for free. I know I can't rely on teammates in this rank but this was the guy talking shit at the end of the game so I just want to highlight why I felt it was a tank diff.

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It's just slightly annoying because I got all the flame even though I felt like I was the only redeeming person on my team minus my zarya's one or two good gravs (she gravved a single rein after we won thefight in the last 2 minutes of the game another time lol), our junkrat even died to a mercy while having concussion mines after the teamfight was won yet I was the DPS they gang up on LOL.

So yeah, any tips on how to carry when the enemy team just seems to be superior in working as a team ? Their zarya would actually peel for her team's dps when I would kill them which rarely happens in our rank so me getting picks while considering this seems kinda cool even if I didn't play my best.


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