Extreme Play-style differences between different Social regions

I play mainly in EU but even in the same server there are certain patterns of play-styles specific to each social region (initial battle.net login) that have stayed true for a over a year of my playing so clearly there is a difference. Obviously this is a bit biased as its just my experience and but still i thought i should share to highlight the impact of the types of teams you play with , and the vast difference between the skills,game-sense required to play effectively.


  • Americas
    • Pros: Fun, Intense, Exciting
    • Cons: Stressful, Exhausting, One dimensional, Too hard to stay alive


  • Playstyle: Direct and Aggressive. Killing is top priority. Every one tries to kill even that mercy. Its fun in short bursts but the relentlessness of teams constantly chasing you with a mix of charging and simultaneous dives from multiple angles leaves little room (literally) for positioning to help with staying alive so movement,dodging becomes more important. The rules in the server are simple; Kill or be Killed, just not that easy to do for a whole match i am not an infinite source of energy that likes being chased by Psychos from Borderlands all the time.


  • Europe
    • Pros: Easy to stay alive,
    • Cons: Irritating, Confusing,


  • Playstyle: Indirect and Defensive. Staying alive is top priority. Will do anything to not die even use ults that are normally used for kills just to stay alive. Extremely hard to kill with their bizzarre movement patterns (they cant know where i am going when even i dont know where i am going), great cover usage and constant repostioning. They will run away at the other side of the map even if you even look at their direction the wrong way but make no mistake, they will kill you only when you dont know of their presence and its safe or easy for them. Too many mind games, Ambushes What If's To consider before every engagement that can drive the simple one's of us a bit insane. Rule is 'Nothing is what it seems'. Basically the polar opposite of Americas.
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  • Asia

    • Pros: Stable,Predictable, Humbling
    • Cons: Too Restrictive and Boring


  • Playstyle: Grouping up is priority along with Sniping and ruining flankers. Nothing fancy or crazy about their way of playing and it doesnt need to be when they have mastered the mechanics of aiming,reacting along with constant teamwork. Problem is its just too unstimulating both mentally and emotionally for me as i am not the most proper perfect player. There is nothing creative and no room for playing differently here. Rule is 'You are nothing alone'. Good place to give a reality check to those who think they can aim 'well' and 'carry'.


Moving from one region to another is basically playing a different game. Gamesense,playstyle,expectations have to be readjusted massively even mechanics as the difficulty and the required sub type of mechanics changes given different types of teams.


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