Getting flamed for playing Wrecking ball: “Need shield!” – silver comp

For some context: I'm a casual player, playing mostly QP, with some QP classic / mystery heroes to get the weekly lootboxes. I have limited experience in comp. I played about 8 hours in season 21 (mostly Winston, Brig and Rein, with a season high of 1649 for tank and 1772 for support). Then I played about 20 hours in season 25, placing 1688 as tank (mostly rein) and dropping to 1488, placing 1819 as support and dropping to 1588. I did only placement on damage and placed 1290.

I've played about 6 hours so far this season (placing around 1500 in both support and tank, 1300 in damage). I mostly play Wrecking Ball now, because it's so darn fun. I don't believe my placement is a mistake or anything, and that I'm a GM stuck in silver because of how sheer unlucky I am with my teammates and the matchmaking. I probably belong in silver, since I can't aim much and I usually have little clue about what's happening around me, where my teammates are, what they're doing, and where the opponents are. I'm fine with being silver. I don't need to climb – I just need to play the game and have fun. I do have more fun when I win, though.

What I've noticed by playing Wrecking Ball is that it makes a lot of my teammates unhappy, and they often ask me to switch for Rein or other shield tanks. I usually don't pay too much attention to those comments, though I do pay attention to both team compositions, and I always switch when I get countered hard.

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On to last night… I played two games of competitive, and in both games in a row, I got flamed for playing Wrecking Ball. The way I handled the games is that I tried to be as disruptive as possible, smashing into people, throwing them out of position, making them follow me, and facilitating kills for the team (I don't aim well enough to win duels or get many finishing blows).

1st game was in Blizzard World, right away several people (2 or 3 maybe) go "we need shield" "ball can you switch to rein" (the other tank was playing D.VA). The other team tried to set up a fort with double shield and hitscan, so I figured I had to disrupt them and move them around. We played rather poorly on attack, and didn't get the payload to its first checkpoint. In defense, people start saying that "ball is useless", that I must switch, and that we have to have a shield. I reply that I feel I'm doing my part, that we don't need a shield and that people should just adapt their position. The first engagement doesn't go so well and the most vocal of my teammates repeats in party chat "we need shield", and then "gg" in general as if it was a lost cause because I wouldn't pick a shield. Though it was close and particularly hectic at the end, we did win the game. I said "didn't need shield" in chat, and my nemesis replied something along the lines of "we did, you're just lucky you got carried".

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2nd game was Temple of Anubis. We capture both points on attack. When we switch to defense, again 2 or 3 people start asking me to switch (the other tank was a Zarya), saying "we need a 'hard' tank like Orisa". I say I think I'm doing well enough as Wrecking Ball, and they launch into a lecture about how defense is different from attack and you don't need to kill, but just need to hold. Not killing the enemy sounded like a pretty bad strategy to me and I kept Wrecking Ball. We did win that game as well.

In both games, in my opinion I wasn't particularly shining, but I did my best and participated in the victory, just like my teammates. Both enemy teams didn't particularly counter me, though against other teams I would have been utterly destroyed if I had played the same way, but it seemed like I could get away with it there. I also think that my teammates, including those who flamed me, did their best as well (for silver comp).

Now… that was 2 games in a row, but it isn't an isolated incident. It happens a lot. So, am I the obnoxious asshole here? Am I supposed to switch?

TL;DR: I play silver competitive, I play ball, others don't want me to play ball, they want me to play a shield tank, am I an idiot for playing ball and not switching to shield, even on defense?

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In case they're relevant, the replays are:

Blizzard World – M5RQ1Q

Temple of Anubis – XD44R5

(I'm LECID, obviously)

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